Saturday, 16 February 2013

Too Stressed for a Massage!

Last September hubby bought me a voucher for a local beauty salon for my birthday.  A nice gesture, but working full time, having a young daughter and a husband who works Saturdays means that I haven't managed to use it.  Until today.  Today was the first Saturday for months that hubby wasn't working so I booked a back and neck massage.  Just what I needed.

I don't think I realised quite how wound up and stressed I was.

All through the massage, my hands kept "clawing" up.  No matter how much I tried to relax, my hands just wound up in claws.

Then, (and this is a first), the therapist said,

"I'm just going to get some tension relieving gel.  Your shoulders are so knotted, I can't undo them, I think I'll try some gel to relax the muscles and see if it helps."

Even a massage doesn't work on me!


Polly said...

It sounds like you really needed it. I had a massage about 2 months ago and the therapist said to me I really need to book back in, in 4 weeks. Sounds like we have similar situations,young children, husbands that work Saturday's etc.

Hope you are feeling a whole lot better now.

Maggie May said...

A wonderful massage sounds just fine.
I can think of nothing I'd enjoy more just now.
Maggie x

Nuts in May

Lorraine The Party Times said...

oh dear, sounds like that massage was well overdue then!I have a voucher for a massage here that hubby bought months ago but I know what you mean about tricky to fit into the busy schedule!

Expat mum said...

I really hate massages. Not quite sure what a shrink would make of it but they actually make me more tense. And yes, they always tell me I have a lot of tension in my neck and shoulders. No kidding?

Suburbia said...

Your prescription is...a massage more often, take care of yourself.