Monday, 11 February 2013

Half Term Heaven or Hell?

Half term has finally arrived and if I don't kill daughter by Wednesday, I'll be doing well.  For some reason, for the last few months she's been a whining, whinging, moaning ball of negativity.  Nothing suits, nothing is to her liking, everything is too difficult or boring and life sucks.

Mind you, I know how she feels.

So, I have organised the following in a bid to keep us both sane this week:

Today:  Trip to cinema to see the Odeon Kids' Movie, "Hotel Transylvania", then spending her Christmas vouchers in Waterstones and Build a Bear in the Trafford Centre.

Tuesday: Drag her to dentist and hairdresser, followed by shopping at Tesco, but with promise of buying baking ingredients and making Mary Berry's Bakewell Tart in the afternoon.  We will then sit eating said Bakewell Tart - yummy!

Wednesday:  Have arranged to go to Quarry Bank Mill with a friend and her children so I can have adult conversation while children are entertained by cotton looms, water wheel and ladies who do half term activities.  Thank heavens for the National Trust!

Thursday:  Have managed to offload daughter onto school friend for most of day, so will have some time to myself but will have to take her to Decathlon on the way home for new trainers; may be traumatic, we'll see.

Friday:  May try to force daughter out on new bicycle she got for Christmas if weather not too bad, otherwise, will resort to doing Just Dance on the Wii and then getting beaten by daughter at Monopoly (I haven't won a game against her yet, and I am trying!)

Wish me luck!


Sarah said...

Good luck!

My kids seem to hang out with friends either at my house or at theirs, and with much playing on the XBox in grotty weather.

When it's fine, they take their 'guns' and target shoot or play soldiers in the wood opposite.

I don't have half term so I just let them get on with it...

Suburbia said...

May be you could just chill out together?!

Lorraine The Party Times said...

sounds like you have planned it all - hope it is going well!?!

ADDY said...

I used to find school holidays more exhausting than term time. The knack is to find different mums to take them for a different day of the week, whilst you manage to get out of it entirely and read a book with your feet up! That's the theory. Reality is far different ;¬)

Working Mum said...

Sarah - the hanging out phase sounds good; unfortunately, Izzy has yet to achieve that level; she still likes to do stuff.

Suburbia - to be honest, we have done that as well; I got the complete "Good Life" on DVD for Christmas and we've been watching it together. She thinks it's hilarious!

Lorraine - going well so far; even snow and Channel 4 filming at Quarry Bank Mill didn't stop our day out today.

Addy - I don't know which is more exhausting; teaching 130 children for a day or just being with my one!

Odette said...

kids today get bored quite easily. nice of you to have made detailed plan on a week- longa activity to keep her busy.
have fun!

Suburbia said...

Can I borrow it afterwards please?!

Julie said...

I was quite enjoying it till Wednesday then my cold decided to worsen, and it's been no fun since, it takes a lot of energy keeping up with my two!

Maggie May said...

Hope it was more of Heaven and less of Hell!
We've had halfterm here this passed week but my daughter, in Essex is having hers next week, when they plan to visit. Trouble is...... I'll be looking after the girls early morning and after school in the evening while son & partner works. I wish it was synchronised throughout the country.
Maggie x

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