Wednesday, 20 February 2013

The Difference Between Men and Women, again

Last week I was off work for half term.  Every day I did some washing, tidying, cleaning, cooked the evening meal and then did the dishes (usually Hubby's job).  I thought that while I was off, I would take some of the housework burden off him for the week.

This week Hubby is off work.

I kind of expected him to reciprocate.

How silly of me.

He's not doing any housework..................

........... he's on holiday!!

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Too Stressed for a Massage!

Last September hubby bought me a voucher for a local beauty salon for my birthday.  A nice gesture, but working full time, having a young daughter and a husband who works Saturdays means that I haven't managed to use it.  Until today.  Today was the first Saturday for months that hubby wasn't working so I booked a back and neck massage.  Just what I needed.

I don't think I realised quite how wound up and stressed I was.

All through the massage, my hands kept "clawing" up.  No matter how much I tried to relax, my hands just wound up in claws.

Then, (and this is a first), the therapist said,

"I'm just going to get some tension relieving gel.  Your shoulders are so knotted, I can't undo them, I think I'll try some gel to relax the muscles and see if it helps."

Even a massage doesn't work on me!

Monday, 11 February 2013

Half Term Heaven or Hell?

Half term has finally arrived and if I don't kill daughter by Wednesday, I'll be doing well.  For some reason, for the last few months she's been a whining, whinging, moaning ball of negativity.  Nothing suits, nothing is to her liking, everything is too difficult or boring and life sucks.

Mind you, I know how she feels.

So, I have organised the following in a bid to keep us both sane this week:

Today:  Trip to cinema to see the Odeon Kids' Movie, "Hotel Transylvania", then spending her Christmas vouchers in Waterstones and Build a Bear in the Trafford Centre.

Tuesday: Drag her to dentist and hairdresser, followed by shopping at Tesco, but with promise of buying baking ingredients and making Mary Berry's Bakewell Tart in the afternoon.  We will then sit eating said Bakewell Tart - yummy!

Wednesday:  Have arranged to go to Quarry Bank Mill with a friend and her children so I can have adult conversation while children are entertained by cotton looms, water wheel and ladies who do half term activities.  Thank heavens for the National Trust!

Thursday:  Have managed to offload daughter onto school friend for most of day, so will have some time to myself but will have to take her to Decathlon on the way home for new trainers; may be traumatic, we'll see.

Friday:  May try to force daughter out on new bicycle she got for Christmas if weather not too bad, otherwise, will resort to doing Just Dance on the Wii and then getting beaten by daughter at Monopoly (I haven't won a game against her yet, and I am trying!)

Wish me luck!