Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Procrastination is the Thief of Time

Well, my New Year's Resolution not to procrastinate is going quite well.  I've kept up with the in-tray, I've booked a cottage for summer (returning to Northumberland to do the stuff we didn't do in October), I've kept up with the mending and bill paying and done a few other things I've been putting off for a while:

For one, I've reinstated my membership at Audible.  I stopped it when I had a backlog of audio books to listen to, but I've listened to them and bought a few from i-tunes, so I had been meaning to join Audible again to get them a little cheaper.  Luckily for me, they had an offer on for £3.99 a month for the first three months, so I've joined again and downloaded a new book to my i-touch. Tick!

Next, as my friend so rightly pointed out in the comments on my New Year's Resolution, I needed to book a chocolate making course that we said we'd do together.  So we're off to make giant Green and Black's chocolate buttons and fabulous chocolate truffles in a posh hotel in Manchester. Tick!

I've also found that I have much more time to do other things because the little things haven't grouped together to make an hour's worth of jobs.

That Charles Dickens knew what he was talking about, didn't he?


Perfectly Happy Mum said...

Wow well done you, I am slightly envious actually :) keep it up!

Helen Conway said...

I've just been listening to Wild by Cheryl Straed on audible.. I'd recommend it. I got the 24 book annual membership when I was commuting 2 hrs a day and then just after that moved to an 8 min commute. Needless to say I will not be rejoining for some time until the backlog is listened to!

Maggie May said...

You have done well.
I have started eating less fat instead of my ambition to tackle procrastination as a New Years resolution. Probably because I recently had a complete overhaul with a nurse in my doctor's practice and came home a bit disheartened!
Maggie x

Nuts in May

Sarah said...

Do you listen to audio books while you're doing something else at the same time or do you sit down and plug in your iPod and do nothing else?

Working Mum said...

Sarah - I listen to audiobooks on the i-pod dock when I'm in the kitchen baking, I plug in my headphones when I'm in the car while daughter is at her piano lesson and when I go to bed; although I tend to fall asleep listening in bed and wake up an hour later having missed a lot!

Helen - listen while baking, it's very relaxing. You can whip up a batch of cakes, two dozen biscuits and three loaves without noticing you're doing it.

Maggie - it's hard to do that resolution when the weather is so cold; I just want lots of fatty, comfort food!

Mean Mom said...

Excellent. I'm glad that you've started off the year in such a positive way. I haven't signed in to blogger for a couple of years and the first blog I looked for was yours. Pleased to see that you are still going. I hope that you haven't forgotten me. My youngest son is still recovering from psychosis and my elderly mother has bipolar disorder. She was admitted into hospital again on Monday. What a life!

Working Mum said...

Mean Mom - No, I haven't forgotten you! Welcome back. Your blog was one of the funniest I ever read, I was so sorry when your son was taken ill and you stopped. Glad to hear he's recovering and you are back.

Odette said...

interesting! i am not the type who plan ahead. i tend to do things when i feel like it.
i like reading your posts. would you mind if i follow you?

Working Mum said...

Odette - no problem at all, let me know how you get on.