Sunday, 20 January 2013

Beary Early Party Booking

This non-procrastination has now got out of hand.  This weekend I booked daughter's 9th Birthday Party ...............  for 27th April!

Well, she's wanted a "Build a Bear" Party for a while and I thought, "Saves doing party bags", so, to get the first slot on a Saturday morning, I booked it early. £24 per child for a bear and an outfit.

Only now I need to book the food afterwards;  apparently this is usually a trip to Pizza Hut to make pizzas and have unlimited ice cream factory - £7 per child.

And, of course, I'll need to make a super dooper Bear Birthday Cake.

Something like this?

£14 for the cake tin, then the ingredients to make it.

Hmmmmm, not sure about this now.

Beginning to sound expensive.

No, I just have to remember how exhuasted I was doing this last year and how much it all cost.

Yes, Build a Bear and Pizza Hut is a very good idea indeed!


Polly said...

It sounds like a brilliant idea to me, I'm all for outsourcing.

Odette said...

that's a pretty fun theme to have! when you plan and prepare early, everything will go hassle-free.

ADDY said...

I recall when Kay was little, one of the other mums organised a stretch limo to take a bunch of 8-year-olds across London to go ice skating. Parties seem to get even more and more expensive as the years roll by.

Suburbia said...

Good Luck!

Working Mum said...

Addy - Wow! That's a bit over the top. This one is the most expensive party we'll have ever done, so I'm only allowing 6 children and I don't think I'll be doing it again, but just this once, I'm all for the ease.

Anonymous said...

I have also just booked a party at Build a Bear for my daughter in April but i have a tighter budget -only spending £9 on the bear & not buying them all outfits. For luch we are going to a sandwich bar type place in the same shopping mall who will reserve an area & do party boxes for us (sandwich, drink, fruit & crisps) for £2.95.

Working Mum said...

Anonymous - that sounds very sensible. I'm sure if I had more than one child I wouldn't have booked such an extravagant party.