Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Sports Day

Is this not the most delicate hurdling you've ever seen?

Saturday, 23 June 2012

In which Life mirrors Art

So, I've been busy, busy, busy as usual.  Daughter enjoyed her trip to the Lake District and has just about recovered from a night without sleep (the staff put her room back to bed at 4am when she and her friends were all up having a midnight feast!).  I've been busy writing reports and UCAS references for my pupils, rehearsing for my mammoth three concerts in a fortnight coming up and today I was a parent helper on daughter's singing workshop day.

Originally she didn't want to go because the friends she has at her choir couldn't go, so I suggested that I volunteer to go as a helper and she was happy then.  It turned out really well as she made friends with some other girls in the breaks playing Uno and playground games.  She enjoyed the singing and did a great concert at the end.

Now for the title of my post.

Whilst the children were rehearsing I just had to wait for any toilet trips so I took along a book.  I've just got into "Agatha Raisin" and was reading about the "Vicious Vet" who was conning vulnerable ladies out of large sums of money.

Just before the concert began, hubby turned up and said that his aunt has been scammed.  Luckily, a relative stranger had spotted what she was doing and contacted the police.  By the time the police became involved today the scammers were asking her for £15, 000!

I was shocked.

Shocked that a competent woman had been naive enough to fall for their tricks.  What was she thinking?

But when I thought about it, it makes sense.  She's a different generation.  Trusting and honest.  My generation are more cynical.  We assume that things are not what they seem, we expect the worst, we think people are out for what they can get.  We are not afraid to ignore requests or put the phone down.  Her generaton are too polite and scammers prey on these admirable qualities.

Hubby has told her that in future, if she is approached about anything that involves money, vouchers, bank details, credit cards, etc. she should run it by him first.  She thought she had no one to ask.

I just hope she does.

Monday, 11 June 2012

School Trip Robbery?

This week daughter goes on her first residential trip away from home.  She's going on an overnight school trip to a Youth Hostel in the Lake District.

Apart from being a bag of nerves at her being away from home for the first time, I'm also a little annoyed about her going.


Well, the school sent a letter home about the trip a couple of months ago outlining the itinerary, the accommodation, etc and asking for £82 for the trip.

Yes, you read that correctly, £82!

For one night!

Contrast that with the two night Brownie Holiday she is going on which includes transport, dormitory accommodation, food and activities for £35 (and Brown Owl apologised for it being £5 more than last year).

It's not that I don't have £82, but I can think of plenty of other things I would rather use it for than a one night school trip for daughter.

And I do believe it costs £82 given the transport costs (for only 31 pupils), accommodation and the activities they have planned (all of which cost money) but is it really necessary to do all that?

What about a walk around Tarn Hows?

How about something nearer to home to cut the transport costs?

Of course, I had the opportunity to say no, but how could my daughter be the only one in year 3 not going on the trip?

Next year they have a two night residential trip.  

Perhaps I should ask the Headmaster to consider the format and costing of next year's trip?

I wonder if any other parents feel the same?

Or should I just bite my tongue and swallow the cost?

Thursday, 7 June 2012

I'm the Guitar Man

I used to play the guitar.

Not very well, just easy chords, but enough to accompany myself singing and I enjoyed it. 

That was in another life.

When daughter was born, my guitar went away and gathered dust.

When daughter was a toddler she found my guitar, twiddled the funny looking buttons and put it out of tune.

I tried to retune it, but only having a flute to tune it to, it was tortuous and I gave up.

My guitar went into the spare bedroom and gathered dust.

Last week I looked up a friend's daughter on You Tube and what I heard inspired me.

I dug out my dusty guitar.

I remembered that I know own a piano (I keep forgetting!) and five minutes later my guitar was tuned.

Would I remember the chords?

G, B7, Em, C, D, G

Before I knew it, I was playing and singing "Yesterday" by the Beatles.

My fingers hurt like hell, but boy, if felt good.

How could I have ignored my guitar for eight years?

Thank you, abcdefgwen.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

And that was the Diamond Jubilee!

I do enjoy a Jubilee.  

This is my third and I've enjoyed every minute.

To start I decided to hold a Big Sunday Lunch with my family.  I put my bunting up in the garden and of course, it threw it down so we stayed indoors, drank our Pimms and watched the Diamond Jubilee Thames Pageant from the comfort of our sofas.  What a sight!  Fantastic idea!

We had a Jacob's Feast where members of my family each made their speciality and look what we got:

Husband decided his speciality was barbecues so he cooked sausages in the garage:

 Daughter is into bread making so she made mini pizzas.

Of course, I did cupcakes.  

Strawbery Cream Tea Cupcakes to be precise:

Last night we watched the Diamond Jubilee Concert, which was a bit of an eye opener.  I think some musical "royalty" seem to have lost it. 

Lost it:  Elton John, Cliff Richard and Paul McCartney

Still got it:  Tom Jones, Shirley Bassey, Stevie Wonder

Have it:  Robbie Williams and Jessie J

Never had it, never will:  Sheryl Cole

Today I've watched the Service of Thanksgiving and I was glued to the TV during the lunch at Westminster House looking for the Head Boy and Head Girl from my school (they were there with the Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths).  Didn't see them.

Now I'm drinking Her Majesty's health and looking forward to the Platinum Jubilee in 2022!