Thursday, 20 December 2012

Two Days

It's been a very busy last couple of weeks.  I've had Carol Concerts, Carol Services, a Dept Christmas Do, daughter's Christmas Concert, etc, etc not to mention getting ready for Christmas!

Then, on Wednesday at 4.00am, hubby set off on a jolly to Munich (armed with our largest suitcase to bring back lots of presents!).  All I had to do was to get through Wednesday and Thursday then daughter and I would be off for the Christmas hols.

Oh, the best laid plans.........

On Wednesday lunchtime I got the phone call:

"Can you come and collect Izzy from the church, she isn't very well"

She said she didn't feel well in the morning, but I thought she was just tired and couldn't face a long day; she had a trip to the Pantomime in the morning, followed by rehearsals at church for the school Carol Service, then a walk back to school, three hours to kill and then the Carol Service.

I had told her that, if she still felt ill at 4 o'clock, we wouldn't go to the Carol Service.  I thought that if she could face until 4, she might then manage the rest.

But no.

I had to go and pick her up and when we got home she promptly threw up.

It was tiredness. 

Exhaustion, in fact.

She needed a day at home to rest.

But...... I had to attend school the next day for the final day and all those last day jobs that only I could do.

What was I going to do?

I rang my parents to see if they could come and stay over and look after her, but they were going to a Christmas do.

"I'll come early in the morning" said my dad.
True to his word, my dad set off at 6.15am to come and look after his granddaughter.  Not only that, he came armed with a tin of Heinz Tomato Soup and a bread roll for Izzy - exactly what he used to give me when I was ill!

Bless you, dad!

Not so bless when I got home to find he'd also done with Izzy what he used to do with me; lots of science experiments, mostly involving using up all my bicarbonate of soda and vinegar!


libby said...

Gotta love a doting dad! hope she is better now.

Prestopeople said...

A good support network is vital for working mums. Glad you got through it. I had a bout of the norovirus recently and was thanking my lucky stars I had someone around to take the kids to school and pick them up. How do others cope without a support network?

Linda Metcalf said...

I have cared for great grandaughter twice this week for a busy parent and one at work. I love being asked and am always happy to provide support. Just as my grandmother used to do so many years ago. These are fond childhood memories.

Kelloggs Ville said...

Yep. Don't think I would have made it to 'leave her on her own age' without my mum doing exactly the same thing. Bless those parents. Merry Christmas x

It's a Mummys Life said...

My dad is a star when it comes to stuff like this too. It's great to have them about, particularly when you're working. Hope all the illness clears. xx