Sunday, 2 December 2012

Izzy the Merciful but Persistent

Today daughter wrote her letter to Father Chrstmas.  This time I left her to do it herself without any input from me.  When she'd finished, she showed me what she'd written.  In amongst the requests for horse related toys, books and DVDs was this little gem:

"Also Bridge who is a year 3 girl at school wrote you a letter about Demi which you mite know about. I think Demi still deserves presents but that’s up to you."

Daughter comes home from school about three times a week moaning about Demi, how mean she is and the horrible things she says and does to other girls.  I keep trying to get her to understand that there must be a reason that this girl is mean and to give her another chance.  

I think she's taken it on board.

She did finish with this parting shot, though:

"Also I would love something which I know I wont get in a million years .A pony or horse, so good luck trying to get that one Santa"!


family Affairs said...

Aaaah - good for her to be thinking about others - WAY more Xmas presents that way. She obviously still believes. Lx

Polly said...

Oh bless still asking for the pony

ADDY said...

Have visions of you trying to stuff a real pony into a stocking!

Lorraine The Party Times said...

aaaahhhhhhh what a lovely list and how thoughtful to still think of the spiteful girl - I wouldn't have done!! And the horse request...well - you don't get if you don't ask!