Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Tipped over the edge and then brought back again

My car wasn't fixed on Monday.  

New coils and plugs were inserted, but to no avail.

They said it needed a VW specialist and recommended a local, independent garage.

I phoned them and booked it in for Wednesday.

Tuesday was the day from hell.  Hubby took my car to work so that I had his car to do the dashing about after work.  I had no free time during the day due to meetings, dinner duty and the start of our next round of appraisal at work.  (Why do they always do our department in the depths of Winter?)  I dashed home at 4.30pm to deposit daughter with babysitter, rushed back to school and did a two hour parents' evening before coming home at 8.00pm to collapse.

Wednesday we were up at 6am to take my car to the next garage, the one that specialises in VWs, and for hubby to drop us at school (at 7.15am!) so that he could get to work on time.  I got into my office and promptly burst into tears.  My colleagues picked me up, dusted me down and I kept calm and carried on.

All day I waited to hear from the garage.  

I got more and more wound up.  

I felt more and more sick.  

I couldn't eat lunch.

By then I had the car written off and was expecting to pay thousands for a new engine.
 (My imagination works overtime when I'm stressed)

Eventually, at 3pm I bit the bullet and phoned the garage.

"It's all fixed" he said, "We're just test driving it now"


Not only that, when I collected my keys from the first garage there was no bill.  They said they wouldn't charge me when they hadn't fixed the car.

The second garage only charged me for the new fuel injector and one hour of labour and then, as I was leaving, he said:

"Oh, I noticed a brake light was out, so I replaced it for you"

How nice was that?

There is light at the end of my tunnel.


Kelloggs Ville said...

yey for working cars! have a cup of tea now before the to christmas push xx

Maggie May said...

Hoping that completely resolves the problem. Enough to make anyone stressed.
Just shows how totally dependent on cars we almost people are. There's no alternative.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Expat mum said...

Phew! And next time, just remember to breathe!

ADDY said...

You need a holiday! In the Maldives. With a good book. And a cocktail or two.

Working Mum said...

Kelloggsville - Christmas? When's that? Just getting through each day at the moment.

Maggie - hubby and I both work in places that are difficult to get to easily on public transports so yes, we are dependent on two cars. Nightmare!

Expat Mum - lots of deep breathing has taken place this week!

Addy - been there, done that. That was the year work was so bad I developed IBS - we took a fortnight in the Maldives to chill. Bliss! (Can't afford to do it now, though)

Polly said...

Oh gosh I'm so glad it was a happy ending, we ended up selling our VW because it was so darned expensive to service and replace parts. I miss it, was a lovely car.

Catharine Withenay said...

So pleased to hear this!