Friday, 2 November 2012

Tigger the T Bird

You may recall that daughter's favourite teddy is a beany tiger she got on the day she was born called "Tigger".

Tigger has had some adventures in his eight and half years.

He's been Izzified:

He's been a victim of daughter's venture into voodoo:

He's been on all our family holidays:

 He even has his own passport:

 He's even been on a trip to Hadrian's Wall in 2006:

And again this year:

You may notice a difference in Tigger in those years.  Eight and a half years of cuddling has taken its toll.  I have repaired him so many times he is more patched up than not.  I was beginning to get worried that his very fibre was going to wear away, so last night I had an idea.

I decided to make Tigger a coat:

It was only after I'd make it I realised I'd seen that design before.........


Lorraine The Party Times said...

looks very loved by mother and daughter now

Polly said...

Brilliant idea

Claire said...

He's the coolest Tigger now although not sure that John Travolta had a little flower on the front of his jacket, the other T Birds may have had something to say about that!

I love the nonplussed look on his face during the voodoo phase!!!

Eldest son still has Wakey Pooh and Sleepy Pooh (you may remember Wakey as he went everywhere with us), both of whom have very patched little red jackets which are now more my sewing than jacket. Not looking forward to the day when he'll request that they go into his treasure box, they're still shoved into a corner of his bed at the age of 10 and 3/4! Youngest son has a Pooh and a Tigger, only a little patching up so far..... x

ADDY said...

But Tigger is definitely more handsome! It's one of those things that you'll have to keep up... Tigger at the Taj Mahal, Tigger in the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, Tigger surfing on the Californian waves, Tigger at the Eifel Tower etc.

Anonymous said...

That's brilliant!! Some of my teddies could do with coats as they're becoming extremely worn!

And what's with the voodoo?!!

CJ x