Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Mission nearly accomplished.

Yesterday morning, at breakfast, I asked hubby if he had any cash.

"I've got a tenner" he replied.

"Good ", I said, "Tonight at Izzy's parents' evening, if you see Alex's mum, give her the tenner.  It's for the teacher's Christmas present" (Don't even go there)

Later that day I walked into Izzy's school for Parents' Evening and saw Alex's mum.

"Your husband's just gone through", she said.

"Did he give you some money?" I asked.

"No" she replied.

I walked through to find hubby sitting waiting our turn.

"Why didn't you given Alex's mum the tenner?" I asked.

"Aaaaah", he said, "At work today someone asked me for a tenner deposit for our Christmas meal, I opened my wallet, saw the tenner and said "I've got a tenner, but I can't give it you.  Carol said I have to use it for something else", but I couldn't remember what it was."!

It's a step in the right direction.......

Friday, 16 November 2012

Body Image Insight

A lot is written about young girls and body image.  The airbrushing of celebrities in magazines creating unobtainable ideals which girls try to emulate, resulting in psychological illness.  The Guide Association are doing a lot to stop these practices and to teach girls about normal bodies and I'm in complete agreement.  I've thought a lot about this with regard to my daughter as she is growing older, but something she said on Saturday gave me heart.

We were watching Strictly Come Dancing and our favourite, Lisa Riley.

"You can tell she's lost weight." Izzy said, "If she stays until the end, she may be normal size...................

...........................not Tess or Claudia size, but normal"


Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Tipped over the edge and then brought back again

My car wasn't fixed on Monday.  

New coils and plugs were inserted, but to no avail.

They said it needed a VW specialist and recommended a local, independent garage.

I phoned them and booked it in for Wednesday.

Tuesday was the day from hell.  Hubby took my car to work so that I had his car to do the dashing about after work.  I had no free time during the day due to meetings, dinner duty and the start of our next round of appraisal at work.  (Why do they always do our department in the depths of Winter?)  I dashed home at 4.30pm to deposit daughter with babysitter, rushed back to school and did a two hour parents' evening before coming home at 8.00pm to collapse.

Wednesday we were up at 6am to take my car to the next garage, the one that specialises in VWs, and for hubby to drop us at school (at 7.15am!) so that he could get to work on time.  I got into my office and promptly burst into tears.  My colleagues picked me up, dusted me down and I kept calm and carried on.

All day I waited to hear from the garage.  

I got more and more wound up.  

I felt more and more sick.  

I couldn't eat lunch.

By then I had the car written off and was expecting to pay thousands for a new engine.
 (My imagination works overtime when I'm stressed)

Eventually, at 3pm I bit the bullet and phoned the garage.

"It's all fixed" he said, "We're just test driving it now"


Not only that, when I collected my keys from the first garage there was no bill.  They said they wouldn't charge me when they hadn't fixed the car.

The second garage only charged me for the new fuel injector and one hour of labour and then, as I was leaving, he said:

"Oh, I noticed a brake light was out, so I replaced it for you"

How nice was that?

There is light at the end of my tunnel.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Confidence in Abundance

I've often said that daughter is not lacking in self esteem and it was certainly thus last week:

Last Wednesday daughter took her first ever public exam; ABRSM Grade 1 Music Theory.

I took her to the exam centre and furnished her with the requisite plastic bag filled with pencils, a rubber and her candidate label.  I think I was more nervous than her!  After depositing her in the exam hall, I went into another room and worried for 40 mins.

Eventually she came out.

"How did it go?"  I asked.

"Great!" she said, "All the questions were ones I like.  I think I've got at least 90%"

We'll see!

Monday, 12 November 2012


Yesterday I didn't feel like creating a big Sunday lunch  (more bad news hit the WM house; I've reached the point where I'm just putting my fingers in my ears and hoping it will all go away).  Hubby was going to watch City and would be eating his heated up at 5pm anyway, so I made good use of my free sausages (it was National Sausage Week last week; our butcher gave away 6 sausages free with every 1lb of sausages you bought, I bought a lot!) and made a sausage roast.

I had a butternut squash lurking in the fridge along with some carrots and onions so I added these to a casserole dish with some red wine, honey and mustard, topped them with the sausages and roasted away.

As daughter and I were eating it she announced:

"I'm not that keen on sausage roast"

"Well, it used up leftovers and it was easy for me to make", I replied.

"You know what's even easier?" she said.

"No, what?"

"Just the sausages!"

Saturday, 10 November 2012

When will it stop?

I've been trying to look on the bright side, focus on the positive, look to the future as my life seems to be one long round of bad news, but today I failed:

Since August we have had the following to sort out with ours cars:
  • my car MOT and Service
  • hubby's car brakes (the day he went back to work)
  • hubby's car MOT
  • hubby's car ignition coil (on our holiday in Northumberland)
 and this week, as soon as I went back to work, my car started playing up.  Coughing, spluttering, not coping with hills, lack of power, etc.  I phoned the garage who said they thought it may be ingnition coils (like hubby's) so they ordered some in and I dropped my car off this morning.

No, it's not a coil; they don't know what it is and I need to leave the car with them for a day.

Working full time 10 miles from home means that this is very difficult to do.  I will have to drop my car off at 7am on Monday then hubby will take me and daughter to school.  He will have to collect daughter and me at 4.45pm and take us to daughter's choir practice, and then,  if my car's fixed, I'll have to collect it from the forecourt during the evening and go back and pay on another day after work.

If it's not fixed, I'm scuppered.  

On Tuesday hubby and I both have a Parents' Evening and won't finish work until about 8pm, I was going to dash home at 4.30pm, leave daughter with a babysitter and dash back to school, but goodness knows what I'll do with daughter if I've no car!

Today I came home from the garage and cried.

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Getting Ahead

It's been a strange half term.  

A bit of a curate's egg.

We had a great few days in Northumberland, but had to return early for my Uncle's funeral.

We got some jobs done which we should have done in Summer (but were busy with MIL in hospital and the resulting funeral),  carpet cleaning, new guttering, sorting out the garden, cleaning the cars, etc.

We held a Halloween Party, I've been out with some friends and hubby has started saxophone lessons (don't ask!).

But most importantly, I have used this holiday to get ahead.

As a Working Mum, I have to get ahead when I can, and since the next half term is the most horrendous part of the school year, it pays to do things as early as possible.

So far I have:

  • made 10 sweet and toy filled jam jars for daughter's form's hoopla stall at the school Christmas Fair
  • bought chocolate and bottles for the tombolas at said Christmas Fair
  • made two dozen cupcakes and frozen them ready to ice for Christmas Fair
  • made and frozen a shepherd's pie for babysitter's tea next week when I have Parents' Evening
  • made and ordered Photobox calendars as Christmas presents
  • wrapped two presents for Christmas toy collections at school and church
  • written all my Christmas cards!

Meez 3D avatar avatars games

Smug me!

Friday, 2 November 2012

Tigger the T Bird

You may recall that daughter's favourite teddy is a beany tiger she got on the day she was born called "Tigger".

Tigger has had some adventures in his eight and half years.

He's been Izzified:

He's been a victim of daughter's venture into voodoo:

He's been on all our family holidays:

 He even has his own passport:

 He's even been on a trip to Hadrian's Wall in 2006:

And again this year:

You may notice a difference in Tigger in those years.  Eight and a half years of cuddling has taken its toll.  I have repaired him so many times he is more patched up than not.  I was beginning to get worried that his very fibre was going to wear away, so last night I had an idea.

I decided to make Tigger a coat:

It was only after I'd make it I realised I'd seen that design before.........

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Halloween Party

 To make up for daughter's dreadful summer where she was pushed from pillar to post and didn't have any playdates with school friends, I decided to hold a Halloween Party for her and five school friends.  She was very excited and couldn't wait to dress up:

(Yes, that's hubby dressed as dracula!)

We decorated the house spookily:

And played Halloween music like "Thriller" and "Monster Mash".

The girls made eyeballs on stalks

And graveyard cupcakes:

They ate witches warts (popcorn) whilst watching our Halloween DVDs: "Scared Shrekless" and "Mutant Pumpkins".

Then they had a spooky tea consisting of:

Dead Men's Fingers (sausages in buns)
Dracula Juice (Vimto)
The aformentioned Graveyard Cupcakes and Eyeballs.
Worms in Slime (jelly worms in green jelly)

After tea they did traditional apple bobbing:

And finally, we went Trick or Treating around the neighbourhood.

A ghoulish time was had by all!