Monday, 29 October 2012


I don't know if I really want to blog about Northumberland.  You see, it's one of the UK's best kept secrets.

Tucked away at the top of England, just before you get to Scotland is the most wonderful county.

Spectacular beaches, amazing castles, Roman ruins, fabulous scenery, an island you can only reach at low tide and Hogwarts!

Not only that, not many people know about it, so it's peaceful and quiet as well as breathtakingly beautiful.

Hence why we love it and had looked forward to our trip since we booked it last January.

On our way up to Alnwick we stopped at High Force:

On Sunday we hit Bamburgh beach in the shadow of magnificent Bamburgh Castle:

I looked for Crystal Jigsaw along the beach, but didn't see her, maybe these are her sheep:

How cold is the North Sea?!

We were going to go to Lindesfarne, but our car was playing up and I didn't want to risk breaking down on the causeway and having to be rescued by the Seahouses Lifeboat, so we just visited the lifeboat instead.

The next day we dropped our car off at a garage in Alnwick and went to 'do' Alnwick Castle only to find that it had closed for the season (usually it's open until the end of October, but this year they closed on 30 Sept).  No riding on broomsticks for us!

So we visited Northumberlandia, Lady of the North:

(Not to be confused with the fabulous Anthony Gormley sculpture "Angel of the North" which is a bit further down the A1)

It's difficult to describe, but it's a piece of public art set in a public park; a woman made of 1.5 millions tonnes of rock, clay and soil and covered in 4 miles of footpaths.

On Tuesday we enjoyed a trip back to Edwardian Times at Beamish Open Air Museum:

And on Wednesday we imagined what it was like to be in Hadrian's Roman Army stationed at Housesteads:

We had to return home on Thursday, but we will be back!


Expat mum said...

SSssshhhhh - don't tell everyone!
If my mum hadn't actually been staying with me at the moment, you would have seen her all decked out and volunteering in the Co-op at Beamish!

Sarah said...

What a lovely part of the world it is too. I went there with my parents years ago and keep meaning to take my boys up there. They would love all the ruins etc.

Craig McGinty said...

Looks great fun and great last photo :-)

Polly said...

What a fabulous holiday, sounds like the perfect place to me, history and the beach - my dream come true!

Saz said...

not so very far from me.....looks like you had a fab time...
saz x

Maggie May said...

Apart from the cold....... it seems a wonderful place to go!
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Working Mum said...

Expat Mum - that's great, wish I'd seen her.

Sarah - it's a lovely part of the world and so much for everyone to see and do.

Maggie - you just have to accept the cold and wrap up warm, you can always treat yourself to a hot chocolate back at the cottage later!