Saturday, 29 September 2012

Remains of a Life

The big thing occupying the WM family at the moment is sorting out MIL's estate.

Luckily she left a will and it's all very straightforward, nothing contentious, but still rules have to be followed.  Paperwork needs to be filled in.  Her car, the house, its contents and her jewellery have had to be valued.  Financial institutions needed to be contacted.  Insurance for the house and contents needed to be changed for unoccupancy.  Utilities and Council Tax sorted out.  Probate applied for.  The usual list of complicated and yet tedious stuff.

We also now need to sort out her house and all its contents before we can put it on the market.

I made a start last weekend, but it's going to be slow progress.

Clothes have been sorted for disposal and I've spent every evening this week washing and ironing decent clothes to send to charity shops.

I've been collecting cardboard boxes from work and boxing up her novels to donate.

Daughter came along to help and made piles of teddies, toys and children's books to be disposed of (the grandchldren are hoping that Nana left them each a teddy in her will - bless.)

Next weekend there'll be five adults and three children sorting out stuff.

The slow, sad process of disposing of a person's life belongings.


Jen said...

It is very sad, but don't forget to check under any loose floorboards - my grandad had such a large stash of good malt whisky under the floorboards in the cupboard off the lounge where the board games were kept that even after my mum and uncle had shared a few bottles there was enough for each (adult) grandchild to have one!

Polly said...

Such a sad time. I'm very sorry you are going though this

Claire said...

Because it's so slow, it doesn't make the relatives lives easier to move on either ... no other way around it so well done for cracking on and making a start...

Maggie May said...

It is a sad time.
I was once taken aback to see a neighbours most treasured possessions being thrown onto the back of a wagon. The things might not have had any material value but had been cherished by the deceased. Makes me realise that all one's stuff is only transient.
I am trying to clear my junk.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Fran said...

That's sad, especially when all those things are so personal, such as the novels someone's read and enjoyed.

Catharine Withenay said...

I'm so sorry to have been out of touch and not heard this news earlier - you must have had a terrible summer. I dread the day I have to clear out my father's house - just downsizing when he moved was bad enough! - so my thoughts are with you. xx