Sunday, 19 August 2012

Uniform Blues

It's that time again.  Time to sort out uniform for the next school year.  And boy, does my daughter need a lot of uniform: 26 pieces to be exact (* see below), and most of it seems to be PE/games kit she wears for only an hour a week.  Not only that, her uniform (except for shirts and socks) all has to be bought through the nose, sorry, from the official school outfitter and be embroidered with the school badge.

Now, being a well organised working mum, I make good use of the PTAs second hand uniform sales and prior to the end of last term I bought daughter a new pinafore and a new games skirt from one of the sales.

"Ahead of the game!" I thought.

I hadn't reckoned on the school changing her uniform, had I?

Right at the end of term a list was sent out to parents:  pinafores are to be replaced with skirts and games skirts to be replaced with skorts (official school ones, with the school badge embroidered onto them, of course).

Well, I'm sorry, my daughter is going to school in a pinafore and will do 1 hour a week of hockey in autumn in a games skirt until such time as she grows out of them.

Then, she also needs to change from her official school sweatshirt and jogging bottoms to the official school microfibre top and bottoms (for one hour a week of hockey in the winter).

Keen to offload some of the hassle, I asked hubby to take daughter to offical outfitters for these items.

What did he come back with?

A new sweatshirt.

"She's not allowed the sweatshirt" I said, "It has to be a microfibre top".

"They don't make a microfibre top to fit her, so I got another sweatshirt" explained hubby.

Why does school uniform have to be so difficult?


* skirt, shirt, tie, cardigan/jumper, blazer, coat, scarf, grey socks, black shoes, summer dress with white socks, trainers, white PE socks, hockey socks, hockey shin pads, skort, PE shorts, PE top, microfibre top, microfibre trousers, mouthguard, swimming costume, swimming hat, school book bag, school games bag, school swimming bag.


Expat mum said...

It's a disgrace really isn't it? I can understand the school's wish to want all the kid sin the same shade of a certain colour, but to make it obtainable only from a specific store and with the logo embroidered on is just mean.
My teen son went to a music camp for two weeks this summer and I had to buy a uniform! With an embroidered logo, which means he'll never again wear any of the SIX polo shirts I had to buy. Pah!

Kelloggs Ville said...

Uniform is important, it levels the playing field an the stricter the rules are upheld the better this works. It is important that Jack Will sdoes not dominate the school corridors as well as the streets HOWEVER it should not become so prohibitively expensive or difficult as to force parents into having to bend the rules themselves. Crikey the kids find enough ways to bend the rules without us having to do it too.

Pink Fairy Vicky said...

I've got all this to come next year with Aidan, it's so annoying now that it all has to be "official" school wear and so expensive :-(

Polly said...

Oh lordy, I have this all to look forward to next year.

Working Mum said...

Expat - six polo shirts, that's criminal! I bet he oinly wore one as well.

Kelloggsville - Do I suspect some Jack Wills issues? I agree with uniform, but does it have to be so complicated and expensive? Even the assistant in the outfitters today was confused about the PE kit!

Pink Fairy Vicky - good luck! I'm considering cutting the badge out of old uniform and sewing it onto Tesco uniform and seeing if anyone notices!

Polly - I hope you have a simpler list and more free rein about where to buy it; I'm totally over a barrel - £48 today for the microfibre top and trousers which she'll wear for about 12 hours total.