Monday, 6 August 2012

Mission Impossible?

Two days.

Eight hours.

One hoover bag, two bin bags, one cleaning cloth, two dusters and one bottle of Mr Sheen.

Yes, we've been attacking daughter's bedroom.

Huge job.

So far she's managed to throw away two years' worth of Pony magazines, twelve teddies (out of about 70!) two bin bags of rubbish and all this stuff:

The only way I could get her to do it was to tell her that she would get some of the money from the car boot sale when we sell it (the rest is going towards her next bike).

And that the only way she could get a desk (which is what she wants) is if this goes as well:

And how much better does this look?


So far, so good!


Anonymous said...

Oh, that's a gorgeous bedroom! What a good idea to sell the stuff and share the money with her - gives a lot of encouragement I expect.

I know about the teddy thing, we have a ridiculous amount in this house!

CJ x

ADDY said...

Gosh, you are good. I'm only just getting round to throwing out my daughter's entire selection of toys and young readers' books...... and she is 21 years old! She is an only child and was very spoilt by all the relatives, so you can imagine just how much there is to get rid of.

Working Mum said...

CJ - Yes, the money was definitely an incentive! She'll get about £10 for yet more toys, but the rest is going towards her next bike (must sell her old one!)

Addy - Izzy's the same, an only child and has masses of stuff given to her and also handed down to her. I was quite suffucating in her room before we started (should have taken a "before" photo!). I need to keep on top of it or she'll become "the hoarder next door"!

libby said...

I miss those days!! watching each and every stage being on show via books or toys or cuddly animals or posters.....

Suburbia said...

Gosh, well done!!