Monday, 20 August 2012

Be Brave, WM

This weekend we took daughter to see the new Disney Pixar film "Brave".

Talk about holding up a mirror!

Queen Elinor and Princesss Merida were just like me and Izzy.

Arguing about doing what you're told, what is appropriate, how to behave, what is best for you.

Hubby sat there chuckling away saying, "That's you two"

Well, four hours later we were back home, I was supervising daughter's piano practice.  There were tears and tantrums and a few stern words.

Hubby popped his head into the dining room to say:

"I see neither of you learned anything from that film, then"!


Polly said...

Hehehe art imitating life at its best

family Affairs said...

Hmmm. One thing I've learnt if you want them to play an instrument is get somebody else to supervise the practice!! Glad you enjoyed the film Lx

superworkingmum said...

I have been hearing lots about this movie..i should take my daughter to go see it

first time here!