Saturday, 28 July 2012

Thank you, Brown Owl

Daughter is on her first Brownie Holiday this weekend.  We dropped her off last night at a wonderful Scout campsite not too far away.  The sun was shining, the camp looked so exciting and for a little moment I was quite jealous as I remembered my own camps as a Guide and then a Cub Leader.

But then, it hit me...................

...................... a child free weekend!!!

Oh, the relaxed feeling I have knowing that no one is going to pop up and say "Can  you open this for me?", "Can you fix this?",  "Can I go on your laptop?" or "What shall I do now?".

No having to listen to piano practice, paint your own mugs, bake cookies or make sticker pictures.

No forcing her to brush her teeth, have a wash and brush her hair (at the age of 8 she still won't believe that yes, you have to do it every morning)

This morning, I just picked up my handbag and left the house as I used to do years ago.  No trying to pursuade a sulky, whinging child to put her shoes on and fetch a coat whilst saying "Yes, we do need to go and buy food or there will be no tea!"

This afternoon I can sit down with a book and a cup of tea undisturbed.

Thank you, Brown Owl.


Kelloggs Ville said...

and do you know what? No matter how much you're enjoying it at home, she's having ten times as much fun. I call that win:win!

Polly said...

What absolute bliss

Suburbia said...

Fab isn't it... But only for a short while