Tuesday, 31 July 2012

How to Survive the Olympics

I don't do Sport. 

I know that most of the country appear to be gripped by the performance of Guatamalen divers or Mexican weightlifters, but it just doesn't do anything for me.

I enjoyed the Opening Ceremony, but that's it.

So, what shall I do for a fortnight while hubby is glued to 24 BBC Channels devoted to the Olympics?

Well, here's my plan.

 Working Mum's Guide to Surviving the Olympics:
  1. Purchase several second hand copies of "Agatha Raisin" books.
  2. In the weeks preceeding the Olympics, record any 2 hour murder mysteries you enjoy and transfer them to DVD.
  3. Purchase the newly released and eagerly awaited DVD of Series 5 of "Mad Men".
  4. Borrow five "Isabel Dalhousie" novels from the library.
  5. Treat yourself to a "Taste of Summer" sleekster box from Hotel Chocolat.
  6. Two weeks prior to the Olympics change your Lovefilm list to prioritise lots of chick flicks.
  7. Purchase a couple of nice bottles of rose.
  8. Purchase a new guitar.
  9. And lots of new sheet music.
  10. Lock yourself in your bedroom for two weeks with all of the above.


Kelloggs Ville said...

I've bought 'The grass is greener' and 'Kes' and too many pots of frozen yoghut. However, I plan to bagsy the lounge. I don't do sport but I do do watching Tom Daley :)

Sarah said...

A couple of bottles of rosé? That won't last 2 weeks!

I must say, I've been pretty glued to the box when I get in from work, and have enjoyed the thrilling swimming, the fun women's beach volleyball, the incredible gymnastics, some fencing, archery and rowing.

There's no one here but me and I've got total control of the remote. Bliss.

I hope you enjoy your alternative OGs fortnight.

ADDY said...

Count me in. I hate watching sport with a passion, with the exception of the gymnastics maybe. Boring boring boring. I'm doing lots of dressmaking and catching up on TV programmes I've recorded.

Anonymous said...

Like it! I don't do sport either, though I hold my hands up to enjoying the swimming, diving and eventing, but that's it. There's enough football on telly without having it on the Olympics and all the other sports really do nothing for me.

Have been downloading a lot of books onto my Kindle recently so am getting through some of those, plus of course, lots of channels on Sky.

CJ x

Jenny said...

You are hysterically funny! I found your blog through the blogroll on "A Better Life for my Family". It's really weird that I just found your blog today, because yesterday I finished reading Gaskell's North and South, which I am shocked and horrified to say that I had never heard about before. You can blame it on the fact that I'm an American.

Suburbia said...

Great plan, I don't do sport either, though I did get a flutter of interest last night when we won so many gold medals!

Fran said...

We keep throwing out teddies, too, and the pile never goes down. But I'm 50 and my daughter's 21. It never, ever ends. We throw them away. We buy more. Teddies never lose their charm.

Sue said...

you are so good at keeping up your blog! mine's laid/lain? neglected since may! we DID however, enjoy the olympics, as we were camped in lounge whilst the kitchen was being renovated!