Friday, 27 July 2012

21st Century Sun Care?

On our first morning on holiday in Gran Canaria we attended the obligatory "welcome meeting" where we had a strange encounter:

After telling us about our hotel and resort, our Thomas Cook rep introduced us to Glynis, our "Sun Care Advisor".

"New to me, " I thought, "Must be making sure people stay safe in the sun.  Very responsible."

How wrong I was.

Firstly, Glynis told us that the sun tan lotion we had brought from the UK wasn't good enough for Gran Canaria, being so much nearer to the equator than mainland Europe.  It would melt in the heat and we would burn in patches.


At this point daughter got quite anxious that we were all going to burn so I quietly told her, "Don't worry, Ambre Solaire worked perfectly well on me and daddy when we walked along the Equator in Kenya.  You won't burn."

Then Glynis proceeded to tell us how that we would be much better off using the sun tan lotion that she had to sell to us.

"I see, " I thought, "It's just sales pitch for her own lotions"

But what then alarmed me was that she was selling factor 12, 8 and 4 lotions and pre tanning products to help you achieve that deep all over tan, especially in those areas that are difficult to tan.

Factor 4?

Is that legal?

I don't use anything less than 30 on myself and 50+ on daughter.

And a deep tan?


Don't we go for 'gently sunkissed' in the 21st century?

There was no mention of covering up, staying in the shade, going indoors during the hottest part of the day. 

In other words, protecting your skin.

I thought I'd stepped back into the 1980s!



libby said...

Gosh that is really quite dreadful...
did people really buy it?

Mellow Yellow said...

Wow - I am with you - i don't buy anything less than factor 30. It amazes me that this goes on ! But.... on a lighter note i did get really burnt last week helping out at my sons rugby club funday - i did the bbq and didn't notice how hot it was from the sun rather than the bbq - ouch !


Polly said...

I'm surprised she wasn't encouraging you to use lashings of reef oil!!!

Claire said...

We can't buy anything less than factor 30 in Australia and you'd kill me if I told you the price, one of the few things that's cheaper here than the UK.

The whole thing sounds ridiculous, what a con! And don't get me started on factor 4 - didn't think they made it that low any more!

Working Mum said...

Mellow Yellow - there's a lesson for all of us!

Claire - I don't think I've seen factor 4 in England for years so I was shocked. Don't tell me the price of lotion in Australia, it'a about £12 for 200ml here (I stock up when it's on offer at half price). At least we only need it for a few weeks a year!

Claire said...

Whereas we buy it in litre pump bottles!!!

Mind you when you can get burnt here in mid winter it's not surprising we go through so much!

Salcura said...

Shocking, I can't believe this happened!..very irresponsible, did you complain to the travel company? I'm sure other people fall for this! - Susie