Thursday, 7 June 2012

I'm the Guitar Man

I used to play the guitar.

Not very well, just easy chords, but enough to accompany myself singing and I enjoyed it. 

That was in another life.

When daughter was born, my guitar went away and gathered dust.

When daughter was a toddler she found my guitar, twiddled the funny looking buttons and put it out of tune.

I tried to retune it, but only having a flute to tune it to, it was tortuous and I gave up.

My guitar went into the spare bedroom and gathered dust.

Last week I looked up a friend's daughter on You Tube and what I heard inspired me.

I dug out my dusty guitar.

I remembered that I know own a piano (I keep forgetting!) and five minutes later my guitar was tuned.

Would I remember the chords?

G, B7, Em, C, D, G

Before I knew it, I was playing and singing "Yesterday" by the Beatles.

My fingers hurt like hell, but boy, if felt good.

How could I have ignored my guitar for eight years?

Thank you, abcdefgwen.


Craig McGinty said...

That's got me tracking down the tuner...

Fran said...

I learned when I was 18 and in order to get really good married a guitarist. It didn't really work - the guitar, that is. We just had our 30th anniversary - me and the man, that is, not me and the guitar. What a confusing comment this has turned out to be. Keep strumming - the fingers will get used to it.

Helen Conway said...

Good for you. Now where is your clarinet?

Tim Atkinson said...

Keep practising - those hooves'll soon be back...

Working Mum said...

Craig - you mean you stopped playing too? You were always far better than me.

Fran - thanks for the confusing comment!

Helen - the clarinet is already in the dining room, has just had a new reed and often plays a few concertos, though I don't know if it's age, but I find breath control difficult now.

Tim - they are toughening up already.

Anonymous said...

I love this post! It echoes so much of what I'm feeling at the moment. It's so normal to forget / neglect the things that we enjoy when our lovely children arrive and keep us busy. I'm trying to reawaken hobbies for myself now too (and start new ones). Keep up the guitar!

Working Mum said...

Ali - thank you for your comment, I hope this post inspires other mums to pick up old hobbies; it's so easy to leave things when you're busy and exhausted with a young child.