Monday, 7 May 2012

Next stop, Badminton!

Daughter loves horseriding.  It's her favourite thing in the whole wide world.  She's been having lessons every week for about two years now and it's very slow progress, but today she took part in her first ever horseriding competition.  She did a dressage test. 

 How smart did she look?

She managed to do the round without going wrong and in full control of the horse:

And when the results were announced she received the "Special" Rosette for her class:

Not only that, she phoned Chris Evans on Friday to tell him she was going to do it and she'll be telling him about it on his Radio 2 Breakfast Show tomorrow!

I don't know which event is the more exciting!


Mummy Cow said...

And you were concerned that she might not be getting enough exercise! She looks fab in her riding gear - and her posture on the pony is superb. What a star!

ADDY said...

Well done, Izzy. You look lovely in that outfit!

Lorraine The Party Times said...

fantastic - and she looks very smart!

Kim McAllister said...

Well done! I always loved horse riding, I miss it!

Anonymous said...

Wow, this is fantastic!! She looks very professional in her riding gear.

CJ x

Polly said...

She looks so smart in her uniform and well done on the rosette also.