Monday, 28 May 2012

Kylie and Me

Last night I was watching "The Voice" (I'm still persevering even though they seem to want to turn perfectly good singers into shouty singers - what was Will thinking making the gorgeously toned Tyler sing Bohemian Rhapsody?) when the lovely Kylie Minogue appeared.

As I watched her sing and dance, looking about 20, I said to husband:

"Can you believe she's the same age as me?"

"And she's had cancer" he replied.

Not helpful.

Then she had a word with Holly and the camera showed her close up.

"It's okay," said hubby, "You can tell now, she's got lots of wrinkles"

Still not helpful.


Sarah in deepest darkest Lomellina said...

LOL, he tried.


But still, he tried.

Kylie and I are the same age too. So all images of her are banned in my vicinity. On principle.

Pippa W said...

He was trying... he just needs some guidance lol.

libby said...

Yep I'm still watching too....and Kylie is a bit of a curiosity really so I don't fret that us real women don't match up to her in the looks/figure area......she is a very pretty very tiny little thing with no children who has had cancer and quite a colourful life, and yet I don't envy her.

Maggie May said...

Don't they just know what to say?

I'm a bit disappointed that some of the really good singers seem to have been voted off from the Voice. I wonder, are the public just going for looks?
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Kelloggs Ville said...

I think he did quite well, mine would have just said 'yup, she's looking good' !

I have a friend nearly 10 years older than me that looks 10 younger. I think it's in our genes. Kylie knows her luck. But I also know if I'd spent an hour 'in makeup' and worked out all the time I too would look tres bon, just as we all would.

Anonymous said...

Men know all the right things to say, lol. I think she looked amazing.

CJ x

Polly said...

Isn't Kylie wonderful. I have loved her since I was a little girl and Dannii too. Its funny Dannii was actually more popular than Kylie, here when we were kids, but then Kylie had a fabulous career and is now on top.