Saturday, 14 April 2012

RSVP or just damn well R!

Yes, it's my annual rant.

I sent out invitations to daughter's birthday party a week before they broke up for the Easter holiday so that eveyone received them in good time.

We invited 20 children.

The party is next weekend.

I asked for replies by 13 April (yesterday) so that I could get organised.

I gave a mobile number and an e-mail address for replies.

Within three days of the invitations going out the usual six prompt parents had replied.

A week later at total of eight had replied.

On Tuesday, I sent out an e-mail to all the parents of the invited children, attached directions to the party venue and wrote a gentle reminder to let me know if their child can attend (just in case their child still had the invitation secreted about their blazer and hadn't handed it over, it happens)

As of yesterday a total of twelve had replied.

How many picnic boxes and party bags should I make?

The twelve I know about, sixteen just in case or all twenty?

What equipment should we get for the games, how many children, how many teams?

I don't care what the excuses, it's just bad manners not to reply to an invitation.

So to those remaining eight parents I say:

Do you remember how I replied promptly to your child's party invitation? Wasn't it helpful? Why can't you do the same?

If there is genuinely a problem and you can't let me know yet, then let me know that rather than let me think that you are just ignoring the invitation!

When I phone you this week to find out if your child is attending, please don't try using the excuse "we've been away for the Easter holiday"; that's why I sent the invitations out a week before the kids broke up!!

I feel better now.


Suburbia said...

So rude isn't it? It's happened to me too and I feel your pain!!

Worst thing is when they all turn up and you find you have under catered

Good luck

Working Mum said...

Surburbia - glad it's not just me! It soes seem to be a modern phenomenon that people don't reply to invitations - I've heard of other people suffering this with parties, dances, dinners even weddings they need to organise! Have we lost good manners in the 21st century?

Maggie May said...

I would annoyed too. It is very bad manners if nothing else.
I would cater for everyone that I invited and then you would be prepared.
Maybe next time, you could put a clause in the invitation saying you will assume they are not coming if you haven't heard by such & such a date because of catering needs.
Hope their consciences prick them and they all get in touch before the day is out.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Expat mum said...

Ugh - it's very irritating isn't it? One year I was very tempted just to assume that the non-RSVP kids weren't coming but a) you know their parents will just bring them anyway, and b) it's not really fair to take it out on the kids themselves. In short, there's not a lot we can do.
Actually, if you phone and get voicemail, you could just leave a message saying you're sorry X can't come, see you at school!

Working Mum said...

Maggie - i thought that putting an RSVP by date would do it, but no. I think, like Expat mum, you can't take it out on the kids, so I'll just keep hoping that parents will reply and their children come.

Expat mum - exactly, I have to just lump it because I can't stop children coming because of their parents, it's juat that an extra 8 picnics and party bags could amount to about another £40 I might not need to spend. So annoying!

Kelloggsville said...

It makes me go Grrrrrrr with you. I always responded except when the party invite never made it home (I was angry with COG when I found out about that one and how she cried because she'd missed it!) The wastage of over catering because of fearing that someone will actually turn up despite no response and even worse having to decide whether to pay for the ticket of a bowling/riding party. I ended up tending to plump for swimming parties that covered up to 50 or so children, inviting masses and not worrying about who turned up and just having boxes of drinks and crisps to give out at the end. Stress Free :)