Sunday, 8 April 2012

Olympic Party

Update:  I've noticed I've been getting lots of hits for this post.  I assume that people are looking for ideas for holding an Olympic Party so I thought I'd direct people to the post where I describe the party we held.  If you want some ideas click here.

I've been spending a bit of time this Easter getting ready for daughter's 8th, yes, 8th!, birthday party. For a few years she's been mithering for an Olympic party based on the olympic events hubby sets up for her to do in our garden.

We decided that 2012 would be a good year to do it.

I still can't face the idea of marauding children in my newly renovated and decorated house so, having investigated various options, we have a booked a hall next to field where we can hold the games if the weather is fine, but the hall is big enough to have indoor games if the weather's bad.

Hubby is in charge of games.

I'm in charge of decoration and food.

Now, you'd think, in 2012 it would be quite easy to find Olympic themed party stuff, but no. Maybe the olympic rings are copyrighted or something, but the best I can do is a load of Union Jack stuff for team GB. (Thank goodness for the Diamond Jubilee and Party Pieces)

I've ordered Union Jack tablecloths, bunting, napkins, picnic boxes, cups, plates, ice cream tubs, balloons (with helium), streamers, cake cases, flags and a cardboard Union Jack cake stand.

She's having a tower of GB cupcakes like I made for the Royal Wedding last year:

After all that, plus the food and the party bags, it would have been cheaper to take the kids to the Olympics itself!!


Kelloggsville said...

We did an Olympic themed evening at Brownies for the last one based on a friends party - trying hard to remember ideas but I do recall the chocolate medals going down very well. In Guiding we have been strictly instructed not to use the olympic logo in anything we do but there's nothing to stop you using the rings for a hoopla game. I'd do circles or hoops on the floor and throw bean bags into them for sweets. Oh - I think you can come up with endless ideas once you start brainstorming it :)

Working Mum said...

Kelloggsville - I suspected something about the Olympic logo (perhaps I shouldn't have used them in this blog post?) so I'm going for Union Jacks instead. Thanks for the ideas; we've already decided on welly wanging and show jumping on hobby horses!

Laura Nelson said...

Loving the cupcakes, they look so professional done :)

My son is only 2 and hasn't had a proper birthday party yet, he'll have to have one this year though and I don't even know where to start! I don't know how you do it.

Pink Fairy Vicky said...

Hope this doesnt get caught in the spam filter as it really isnt!! Baker Ross have a few Olympic themed items, Ive used them a few times and always been happy with the prices and products.

Working Mum said...

Laura - I hadn't a clue how to do a party when daughter was younger, up til now I've booked somewhere that does everything for me. Wish me luck doing a party ourselves!

Vicky - thank you for the website, I'd never heard of Baker Ross. They have some good craft stuff, I may order the Olympic torches.

Grace said...

I like your blog,For your sports birthday party favors, hand out chocolate "gold Medals", ribbons, trophies, posters, sports stickers, Frisbees, Hula-Hoops, or other inexpensive sporting equipment.

Party Favours

Sarah said...

Ive just ordered a few bits from Partypacks for Olympic party for my 9 year old daughter. Int'l flag bunting & Olympic Torch. Also some Olympic stickers from School Stickers on Amazn. Only ordrd ystday so hoping all arrives ok but I agree there's not much out there and yes, thank goodness for the Jubilee!!