Tuesday, 24 April 2012

In which I finally embrace Skype

After obtaining a new laptop (2 and half years ago) with a built in webcam, I promised I would learn how to Skype so that I could talk to friends in France and Australia.

After two and half years of procrastinating, hubby finally set it up, but we still hadn't tried it.

Last week I noticed that my dad was on-line so I gave him a buzz.

After the intial hysteria of seeing each other sitting on our sofas playing on our laptops died down (we're easily amused), my dad said that I looked rather fuzzy.

He was as clear as day.

"You must have a better webcam than me" I said

"Or you've not taken the plastic film off yours" said my dad.

I looked closely at my webcam.

Then I pulled off the plastic film.



ADDY said...

Had to laugh at that one. Skype is wonderful and when Kay and I want to see one another, but the distance is too much, we Skype!

Kelloggsville said...

these silver surfers, they know it all these days!

Claire Toplis said...

Note to self I must get Skype out of box...

Expat mum said...

Ha ha ha ha. I love/hate Skype and hardly ever use it despite living a gazillion miles away from everyone I love.
The main thing is you usually have to phone or text them to go online before you can Skype - which kind of defeats the purpose.

Polly said...

lol, too funny, we love Skype, when we went to USA last year it was awesome for staying in touch with the kids.

Claire said...


Hope to see you soon then....!!!