Sunday, 11 March 2012

Why I shouldn't try to have a life

Yesterday I spent an enjoyable day at a Chorale Workshop learning the new Jenkins' work "The Peacemakers" (you may have heard him talking about it on Radio 2 this morning, we're doing the UK premier at the Bridgewater Hall in May).

However, in order to have a day to myself yesterday I had to spend Friday evening doing four lots of washing, sorting the week's post and generally doing as much of the usual Saturday stuff as I could.

Husband had to look after daughter for the day yesterday which entailed taking her to work with him in the morning and then taking her to a party in the afternoon. There was plenty of free time.

Today I asked her how much of her homework she did yesterday.


"How much piano practice did you do?"


So today, when I should be writing 55 reports and awarding 400 grades, I am helping her with her music theory, listening to her read, helping her with her piano practice, researching "Alexander the Great", testing her on her spellings and doing two more lots of washing. Oh, and cooking Sunday dinner.

Husband is closeted in the study citing "work".

I have work too!

I really shouldn't try to have a life, should I?


xxx Hannah xxx said...

This is 'Mummy's Curse' I believe! I have experienced days like that MANY a time. Hope you manage to get everything done Super Mum! x

Working Mum said...

Thanks, Hannah. I think you are quite right, "mummy's curse" is a good name for it. Definitely a case of "do it all", not "have it all"!

ADDY said...

You are going to have to buy some roller skates to get to that study before hubby does! He is getting away with too much!

Kelloggsville said...

it shouldn't be necessary but lists is the way to get anything done by anyone except yourself! If I go out I leave a list for anyone left in the house that I have any expectation that they might do something useful! But I seethe at it's necessity.

Working Mum said...

Lists would be good, but my Martian bristles at being told what to do. I left a big hint on the kitchen table, but it was taken literally. How can I win?