Saturday, 17 March 2012

Every time!!

That's the fourth series of Masterchef in which daughter has correctly predicted the winner.

This time we had a bet on who would win.

Of course I lost.

She picks the winner every time.

She could save John and Greg a job!!

Monday, 12 March 2012

Mother's Day is not a day off!

On Sundays I also help a friend's daughter with her maths in readiness for the madness that is the 11+ exams in this area. We have a jolly catch up chat while our girls play, then I spend 30 minutes in the dining room helping Amy with fractions, decimals, area, angles, etc. Yesterday my friend asked if I wanted a week off next week as it is Mother's Day.

"I don't have a day off for Mother's Day" I replied.

On hearing this, husband said,

"What do you mean? I'm going to cook you lunch"

"Are you?" I asked, in amazement.

"Yes, I'm inviting my mum" he added.

I turned to my friend and said:

"So I have to entertain the MIL while he cooks. I'd rather cook. As I said, I don't get a day off on Mother's Day, bring Amy next week"!

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Why I shouldn't try to have a life

Yesterday I spent an enjoyable day at a Chorale Workshop learning the new Jenkins' work "The Peacemakers" (you may have heard him talking about it on Radio 2 this morning, we're doing the UK premier at the Bridgewater Hall in May).

However, in order to have a day to myself yesterday I had to spend Friday evening doing four lots of washing, sorting the week's post and generally doing as much of the usual Saturday stuff as I could.

Husband had to look after daughter for the day yesterday which entailed taking her to work with him in the morning and then taking her to a party in the afternoon. There was plenty of free time.

Today I asked her how much of her homework she did yesterday.


"How much piano practice did you do?"


So today, when I should be writing 55 reports and awarding 400 grades, I am helping her with her music theory, listening to her read, helping her with her piano practice, researching "Alexander the Great", testing her on her spellings and doing two more lots of washing. Oh, and cooking Sunday dinner.

Husband is closeted in the study citing "work".

I have work too!

I really shouldn't try to have a life, should I?

Thursday, 8 March 2012

The Manchester Chorale - keeping Working Mum sane?

As I say on my side bar, singing in the Manchester Chorale keeps me sane.

That's me, second row, second from the left.

I've been a member for 19 years and, although there have been ups and downs, I've always loved the fact that for two hours a week I can go and lose myself in singing. It's great to be taught rather than teach for two hours and it keeps me in touch with how my pupils must feel when they can't get something right.

There are pieces I love singing and pieces I hate (curse you, Benjamin Britten!) but I love the whole kit and caboodle of being in a choir, singing with fabulous orchestras in fantastic venues and having something that is just for me.

However, keeping me sane this year it is not!

With radio broadcasts (BBC Radio 2, 3 and 4), a CD recording, four performances with the Black Dyke Band all over the country of a piece written for the Olympics, a concert roughly every two weeks from Jan to July and two days rehearsing a new Karl Jenkins piece for a concert in May conducted by the man himself (click here to book tickets) I'm run off my feet!

2012 is proving to be our busiest year for a long time.

On Saturday we have a workshop day to learn the Jenkins and I've been asked to provide cakes for afternoon tea.

Now I'm even baking for the Chorale!

Sunday, 4 March 2012

I seem to have forgotten where I put my memory

After another mad busy week at school (including yet another Parents' Evening) I have just had another mad, busy weekend.

I remembered to order fruit this week from Tesco, but pretty much forgot to order anything else, so today I was trying to make Sunday dinner from a butternut squash and a leftover jar of chestnuts - Squash and Chestnut Crumble, yum - I'm nothing if not inventive! Followed by fruit salad, of course.

Yesterday I took daughter to a swimming party miles away (okay, 30 minutes away) and then brought her home to discover that I'd forgotten to bring her swimming kit back with us (which she needed for her swimming lesson this morning), so it was a 1 hour round trip to retrieve it.

Also yesterday one of the mums asked me if Izzy could attend her daughter's birthday party next Saturday at Build-a-Bear (she hasn't actually booked it yet, but was just checking). "Oh yes", I said, "We haven't anything on next Saturday".

I had totally forgotten that I have an entire day's singing workshop and Izzy is going to work with hubby. Had to text the mum this morning who kindly said she would try to book it for tea time so that Izzy can still attend.

This afternoon I think I discovered the cause of my forgetfulness. After lunch I felt pretty ropy and really tired and actually took myself off to bed for an hour (something I never do), then I woke up with.................

.................. a stinking cold!


After tea daughter and I watched this week's Masterchef episode (our favourite programme) and after much debate Izzy said Shelina will win and I said Tom will win. Suddenly, Izzy turned round to me and said

"Wanna bet?"

(She always picks the winner of Masterchef, so she was very confident)

"Okay", I said, "What shall we bet?"

"If I win, you buy me a pack of Moshlings, if you win, I'll buy you a bar of Green and Blacks"

Now that's something I won't be forgetting!!

Thursday, 1 March 2012

My Come Dine with Me Menu

Since the friends I am doing "Come Dine with Me" with are all singers, hubby and I have decided to go for a Broadway theme for our evening. We have some suitable entertainment arranged, but I don't want to give the game away just yet because they read my blog!

I have now issued the guests with their menus so at least I can publish that with impunity:

Champagne Cocktails

Act I
Wild Mushroom and Quail's Egg Tartlets

Act II
Loin of Venison in a Blackberry and Port Glaze
with Potato and Parsnip Rosti and Seasonal Vegetables

Roasted Squash with Spicy Puy Lentils and Quinoa (V)

Red Berry and White Chocolate Cheesecakes
with a Berry Coulis and Vanilla Chantilly Cream

with Homemade Sweet Treats

Not too shabby, eh?

Wish me luck!