Saturday, 18 February 2012

Wedding Dress Shock for WM

Today I made hubby get my wedding dress down from the loft.


Well, one of the teachers at school had this great idea that we would display our wedding dresses and the pupils can pay a fee to match the dress with the teacher (money going to charity). Well, it makes a change from taking in my baby photo, so I said yes.

It has caused much hilarity at school as we all recalled our meringues with great gales of laughter. Princess Diana had a lot to answer for!

It also was of great interest to a young colleague of mine who is getting married next month. She can't believe she will ever laugh at her dress. Just wait 20 years and you will, believe me.

So today it came out of the loft.

"Bet you can't get in it" said hubby as I pulled it out of the box.

Well, that made me all the more determined.

I put the dress on and held my breath as hubby did it up........

..... just!

It fit!

Okay, I couldn't breath, but it was fastened.

Hubby then promptly whipped out his phone and took a photo to prove it!

Then he sent it to some friends who were at our wedding!


No, I'm definitely not going to post the photo on this blog, but here's one of when the dress fit and I could breath in it:

(If you look closely you can see a second pair of arms either side of my waist - my chief bridesmaid trying to hold the train out of the mud!)

Who'd have thought a 20 year old wedding dress would cause so much laughter!


Kelloggsville said...

That looks almost the same style as my first wedding dress in 1992. I carried on trying it on every year until I had back cleavage! Well done for fitting in it x

Polly said...

Im most impressed that you still fit in your dress. And you most certainly were a blushing bride!

ADDY said...

I probably wouldn't fit in mine without a corkscrew and shoehorn to get me in it. But now u've made me wonder. I'm going to dig it out of its cobwebs and try it on!

Anonymous said...

I never wear dresses, but I absolutely adore wedding dresses! I love the meringue ones and you look gorgeous!

CJ x

Maggie May said...

I wouldn't have been able to take part..... as 3 of us who worked together all got married within a few weeks and all shared the same dress. We had it dry cleaned in between. It was white brocade and classical, plain. I did like it.

Yours is lovely too.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Catharine Withenay said...

I doubt I'd fit in mine: those post-pregnancy pounds are hard to shift! I just about escaped the Princess Di meringue, though, but was most proud that my grandmother (then aged 84?) made my dress. To me, perfect (but I'm not getting it out for you to laugh at!)

Mrs Average said...

I wont even dream of fitting in mine. Not that I am (that) fat these days, it was just that I was really skinny then!! I think I might get a leg in it now.