Thursday, 16 February 2012

Finally, something sporty that I can do better than hubby

Hubby is sporty.

I am not.

I have memories of freezing to death on a hockey pitch aged 12 wishing I was anywhere else.

I also have memories of constantly fetching tennis balls from the back of the court whilst never managing to actually hit one back.

I cannot throw, catch, hit, run or jump.

I do not do sport.

I can swim, but hubby trained with a proper squad and cuts through the water like a shark.

I don't get my hair wet.

However, today, I found one thing that I can do that hubby can't.

Ice skating.

We took daughter skating for the first time today.

I say "we".........

... hubby put one foot on the ice and took it off again.

He then spent the whole time on the sidelines watching!

Now, I'm no Katarina Witt, but my mum and dad took me skating ocasionally as a child so I can stay upright and move round the rink.

Although hubby grew up 10 minutes from an ice rink, he never showed any interest and never learned to skate.

I did not know this until today.

Come to think of it, in the 24 years I've known him I've never seen him skate.

Even in New York, he watched the bags and took photos while I skated in Central Park.

The sneaky so and so!


libby said...

Well done...there might be hope then for us 'non sporty' types!

Lorraine The Party Times said...

It's a lovely feeling being able to do something the hubby can't - apart from the obvious constant multi-tasking that is!

cheshire wife said...

Don't get too carried away. Ice skating can be dangerous.

Polly said...

ooooh Good feeling huh? I love a little bit of iceskating but in this climate it doesn't happen often.

ADDY said...

Good for you. I am not sporty either. I hate watching it and doing it. I can't even raise an eyebrow without getting bored.

Maggie May said...

I wasn't at all sporty either.
Bristol is losing its ice rink and every one who uses it are up in arms. My granddaughters love to go there when they can.
Maggie X
Nuts in May

Working Mum said...

Maggie - we lost our ice rink 5 years ago and there was a huge outcry, then we got a new one, don't know how; maybe public pressure? It's a Silver Blades rink, a bit smaller than our old one, but one of the contestants on Dancing on Ice uses it to train, so it can't be too bad.