Saturday, 28 January 2012

A Week in Which.........

  • I attend our first "Come Dine with Me" with friends absolutely fantastic evening, great food, hysterical entertainment and a very high standard set for me to aspire to - I'm the next host (more details in a later post)
  • Daughter loses her PE bag or, more accurately, someone "borrows" it without asking and I spend three days scouring cloakrooms, changing rooms and bag racks until it suddenly turns up where she orginally left it
  • I abandon a Chorale rehearsal due to my inability to find a parking space near the RNCM in the dark, cold and rain that doesn't involve walking through dodgy places on my own in the dark
  • I suffer a very stressful Parents' Evening why, oh why, have the government decided to heavily fine oversubscribed unis which has lead to universities refusing to give pupils offers lower than AAB and hence parents, understandably, getting very anxious when their child is not achieving a grade A standard and blaming teachers for not teaching their child to get a grade A? (If I could teach every child to get a grade A, I would write the book and earn a fortune!)
  • Daughter loses her school library book (risking a bill from school which will cost her her pocket money from now until Easter)
  • I have my lessons cancelled by my Head of Department because I was seeing double (stress related problem where my brain can't process two different images from my eyes - an hour sitting in a dark room fixed it)
  • Daughter loses her snack time fruit tub (notice a theme emerging here?)
  • I ask husband to drive me to RNCM at 6.30pm, nip home to receive Tesco delivery between 7 and 8 and then return to RNCM with daughter at 9.00pm to pick me up, Tesco don't turn up, half the band get stuck on the M62, concert is delayed for over an hour and I finally get home at 10.00pm, thanks to a lift from a fellow Chorale member!!



ADDY said...

OMG. what a week! You must fit in time to learn how to tie 100 items to your daughter's coat sleeves (instead of just gloves!)

Maggie May said...

A week that you could have done without.
Daughter seems to be getting forgetful. I have noticed my granddaughters are liable to do the same kind of things.
Hope the double vision is sorted now. Sounded awful.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Sarah said...

Wow, I feel exhausted just reading about it all.

I hope you have a peaceful weekend.

Polly said...

That sounds like a very busy and trying week. I hope this week improves for you, and that you daughter remembers where she put all lost items!

Lorraine The Party Times said...

am exhausted jut reading your post! phew, it's the weekend! two more sleeps and back to it! (I have to go into son's school weekly with a list of things he has lost - when will he learn - frustrating thing is he doesn't seem to care!!)

Working Mum said...

Addy - I am at the end of my tether with PE kit; let's make all the kids leave their bags on an open bag rag in a corridor, give those who forget PE kit detention and hence introduce a culture of "I'll borrow someone elses", usually my daughter's. Aaaargh!!

Maggie - she's always been a dizzy daydream, I'm hoping she'll grow out of it if she has to pay for lost stuff with her pocket money (she only gets 70p a week, so it will hurt!)

Sarah - I had a lovely, quiet Saturday. Feeling more centred now.

Polly - I don't hold out much hope for this week, I've got another Parents' Evening and another concert!

Lorraine - i think the don't care attitude is the straw that breaks the camel's back, that's why I'm taking it out of daughter's pocket money. Then she'll care!

Anonymous said...

Guess it's a week you won't forget in a hurry, even if you want to!!

CJ x