Monday, 23 January 2012

Clash of Cultures

Driving home from school again, I thought I'd keep trying to foster a love of classical music in my daughter (I live in hope) so I put Classic fm on the radio.

Suddenly she shouted:

"I know that tune! It's Hungarian Dance no. 5!"

"I think it is, Izzy. How do you know that?" I replied,

feeling very proud that she had recognised a piece of music.

"It's the tune for the synchronised swimming at the Olympics on the Wii"


Kelloggsville said...

The source of the knowledge is unimportant, as long as they are learning :) I usually ask my daughter to turn the music off the synchronised swimming, drives me nuts!

Living my 40s said...

Wii works!

Lorraine The Party Times said...

There are advantages to the Wii after all - brilliant!!

Anonymous said...

So funny!! The age of technology eh?!!

CJ x