Saturday, 14 January 2012

2012 the story so far ...

It's been a niggling start to 2012. I've been busy sorting out lots of silly, annoying things. It's also cost us a lot of money when we're trying to save up to go somewhere warm this summmer - £500 to replace a filter in the car's exhuast; really VW? Shame on you!

Money just seems to be running through our fingers at the moment with things going wrong in the house and cars, even my car tax has gone up 4% (what happened to the government understanding families' struggling to pay bills with no-one getting pay rises for the last two years?) I think we'll have to have a staycation in Summer (unfortunately hubby seems to have his heart set on a fabulous hotel in Mexico - £4000? I think not!)

And then, knowing that I was going on tour to the Isle of Man with The Manchester Chorale next October, we agreed to go to a cottage in Northumberland with my mum and dad this October only to find out, after it had been booked, that the choir's concert schedule contained a typo and the tour is actually this year when I'm in Northumberland! Doh!

Daughter doesn't want to go to the Brownie trip to the Pantomime this afternoon; she says she's got no friends at Brownies and no one talks to her, so I'm trying to pursuade her to go and be more sociable (she has no trouble talking to other children in any other area of her life) and this, following on from not going to the Brownie Christmas Party for the same reason, is now becoming a problem that needs to be sorted.

I've missed two friends' birthdays already this year and I have a self imposed ban on baking until I lose the 5lb I put on over Christmas!

So what happened to my New Year's Resolutions about being positive and doing a random act of kindness?

Let's see - no-one in my family is ill, we're not in any debt (apart from the mortgage, obviously) and next weekend I'm going to a "Come Dine with Me" meal at a friend's house which I'm really looking forward to. (I'm taking my Show Me boards and marker pens from school for the judging - he he he!) My dad is retiring next month and looking forward to spending more time with his gorgeous daughter, sorry, granddaughter. My mum won an i-touch in a raffle at Christmas (first prize out of thousands of tickets, how lucky is she?) and I've been teaching her how to use it which has been fun.

Random act of kindness - I've typed MIL's church reading for her in a larger font so that she can continue to be a reader at church even though she can't read the tiny font in the lectionary anymore. Five minutes' work, years of continuing pleasure for MIL.

Things are good, they are.

I just need to keep reminding myself.


cheshire wife said...

No one has the perfect life that OK and Hello magazine like to portray. There are another 50 weeks to go, so hopefully things will pick up.

A belated Happy New Year to you!

Polly said...

Ahhh this is the exact reason why we just recently traded our beloved VW Passat for a Mazda. The service and parts are ridiculous.
It sounds like you have alot on your plate at the moment, I hope that it all settles down for you soon. And what a lovely gesture to type up the reading.

Maggie May said...

Good on ya for the typing!

Pity about Brownies. That is strange. Izzy must have had some kind of trauma there with friends. Hope it gets sorted.

Cars always seem to be taking our cash one way or another.

I reckon we do all have something to be thankful for, most of the time. Sometimes we have to look for those things though and search really hard.

Maggie X

Nuts in May

Kelloggsville said...

Talk to the brown owl. Options: can she moves sixes, could she pick 1 girl to be her brownie buddy (it's an official role), can she try another pack? Brown owl should be supportive and if she isn't then definitely try another pack. Different packs, different girls, different sub cultures. What suits one may not suit another. Don't be afraid to ask. X

scrappysue said...

sometimes it's hard to see the positive tho, i understand! i wish i could rss your blog - i miss so much when i forget to visit! happy new year - hope the sore throat has gone, and that you're enjoying buble. i bought it for my daughter for xmas! did u see his tv special?

Expat mum said...

Yes, we had a bit of a bad start to 2012, but at the end of the day, no one actually died. Came very close, so I have even more reason to be grateful.
Happy New Year!

Working Mum said...

Polly - we use a local garage who are very reasonable, but in this case the garage charged us £45 labour and VW charged the rest for the part (which is only available from VW)! I may rethink for our next car.

Maggie - there is more going on at Brownies regarding the girl down the road, but I need to talk to Brown Owl about it.

Kelloggsville - thank you again for your helpful advice. There is something going on with the girl down the road that I need to talk to Brown Owl about, but I haven't got hold of her yet. If I can, I'm sure we can sort this out. Daughter did go to panto, sat next to a lovely Brownie and enjoyed it, so fingers crossed.

Scrappy Sue - wonder why you can't RSS my blog. I find that sometimes with blogs I want to read and forget. Don't worry, just pop in when you remember!

Expat - sounds scary, glad everyone ok

Catharine Withenay said...

If only money could stick, rather than run through fingers. Today I booked our holiday at Easter with a big gulp and a lot of hope. Meanwhile, despite the house being nearly new, I need to fund the fixing of the double height window which is leaking... grrrr...

Working Mum said...

Catharine - I know exactly what you mean, we've got the electricians coming tomorrow to fix a light fitting that they installed in the rewire, but will cost us to have fixed!