Saturday, 28 January 2012

A Week in Which.........

  • I attend our first "Come Dine with Me" with friends absolutely fantastic evening, great food, hysterical entertainment and a very high standard set for me to aspire to - I'm the next host (more details in a later post)
  • Daughter loses her PE bag or, more accurately, someone "borrows" it without asking and I spend three days scouring cloakrooms, changing rooms and bag racks until it suddenly turns up where she orginally left it
  • I abandon a Chorale rehearsal due to my inability to find a parking space near the RNCM in the dark, cold and rain that doesn't involve walking through dodgy places on my own in the dark
  • I suffer a very stressful Parents' Evening why, oh why, have the government decided to heavily fine oversubscribed unis which has lead to universities refusing to give pupils offers lower than AAB and hence parents, understandably, getting very anxious when their child is not achieving a grade A standard and blaming teachers for not teaching their child to get a grade A? (If I could teach every child to get a grade A, I would write the book and earn a fortune!)
  • Daughter loses her school library book (risking a bill from school which will cost her her pocket money from now until Easter)
  • I have my lessons cancelled by my Head of Department because I was seeing double (stress related problem where my brain can't process two different images from my eyes - an hour sitting in a dark room fixed it)
  • Daughter loses her snack time fruit tub (notice a theme emerging here?)
  • I ask husband to drive me to RNCM at 6.30pm, nip home to receive Tesco delivery between 7 and 8 and then return to RNCM with daughter at 9.00pm to pick me up, Tesco don't turn up, half the band get stuck on the M62, concert is delayed for over an hour and I finally get home at 10.00pm, thanks to a lift from a fellow Chorale member!!


Monday, 23 January 2012

Clash of Cultures

Driving home from school again, I thought I'd keep trying to foster a love of classical music in my daughter (I live in hope) so I put Classic fm on the radio.

Suddenly she shouted:

"I know that tune! It's Hungarian Dance no. 5!"

"I think it is, Izzy. How do you know that?" I replied,

feeling very proud that she had recognised a piece of music.

"It's the tune for the synchronised swimming at the Olympics on the Wii"

Thursday, 19 January 2012


Driving home from school today I was testing daughter on her times tables:

"What's five times six?"




"What's four eights?"



"Thirty two"

And so it went on. After every question I asked, she said "Pardon" and I repeated it.

Eventually I got fed up of it:

"What's going on? Why do you keep saying "pardon"? Are you playing for time?"



"I've got my earmuffs on!"

Fair enough!

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Baking vs Sport - guess which one wins?

Just donning an apron and baking a cake makes everything seem right with the world, doesn't it?

Daughter and I are currently enjoying watching the Sport Relief Bake Off (we recorded it) and howling with laughter at the celebrities' mistakes; how hard is it to make a banana loaf?

Daughter has now decided that she wants to do her own bake sale to raise money for Sport Relief (let's face it, neither of us are particularly sporty, so a bake sale plays more to our strengths) and has been deciding on what she wants to bake: lemon drizzle cake, chocolate rocky road cupcakes, red velvet cake, etc, etc.

We just need to decide on a date and get baking!

If you would like to do the same check out the Great Sport Relief Bake Off website for info and ideas.

Sport Relief is an initiative of Comic Relief, registered charity 326568 (England/Wales); SC039730 (Scotland)

Saturday, 14 January 2012

2012 the story so far ...

It's been a niggling start to 2012. I've been busy sorting out lots of silly, annoying things. It's also cost us a lot of money when we're trying to save up to go somewhere warm this summmer - £500 to replace a filter in the car's exhuast; really VW? Shame on you!

Money just seems to be running through our fingers at the moment with things going wrong in the house and cars, even my car tax has gone up 4% (what happened to the government understanding families' struggling to pay bills with no-one getting pay rises for the last two years?) I think we'll have to have a staycation in Summer (unfortunately hubby seems to have his heart set on a fabulous hotel in Mexico - £4000? I think not!)

And then, knowing that I was going on tour to the Isle of Man with The Manchester Chorale next October, we agreed to go to a cottage in Northumberland with my mum and dad this October only to find out, after it had been booked, that the choir's concert schedule contained a typo and the tour is actually this year when I'm in Northumberland! Doh!

Daughter doesn't want to go to the Brownie trip to the Pantomime this afternoon; she says she's got no friends at Brownies and no one talks to her, so I'm trying to pursuade her to go and be more sociable (she has no trouble talking to other children in any other area of her life) and this, following on from not going to the Brownie Christmas Party for the same reason, is now becoming a problem that needs to be sorted.

I've missed two friends' birthdays already this year and I have a self imposed ban on baking until I lose the 5lb I put on over Christmas!

So what happened to my New Year's Resolutions about being positive and doing a random act of kindness?

Let's see - no-one in my family is ill, we're not in any debt (apart from the mortgage, obviously) and next weekend I'm going to a "Come Dine with Me" meal at a friend's house which I'm really looking forward to. (I'm taking my Show Me boards and marker pens from school for the judging - he he he!) My dad is retiring next month and looking forward to spending more time with his gorgeous daughter, sorry, granddaughter. My mum won an i-touch in a raffle at Christmas (first prize out of thousands of tickets, how lucky is she?) and I've been teaching her how to use it which has been fun.

Random act of kindness - I've typed MIL's church reading for her in a larger font so that she can continue to be a reader at church even though she can't read the tiny font in the lectionary anymore. Five minutes' work, years of continuing pleasure for MIL.

Things are good, they are.

I just need to keep reminding myself.