Thursday, 29 December 2011

So that was Christmas .........

It passed by in a haze of trifle, turkey, strudel, champagne and chocolate!

Today is the first day I've managed to sit down and have a rest. I cleverly invited one of daughter's friends round today to play so they are busy amusing themselves by playing on the Wii with husband (husband occupied too - bonus!)

Looking back on the last week or so, it's been a pretty good Christmas. (Just ignoring the fact that some miserable scrooge cut the wire on our Christmas lights outside - hope Father Christmas didn't visit their house!)

I thoroughly enjoyed my Christmas Concerts, not having a cough or cold made a huge difference.

Christmas Day went well, with MIL only referring to the war, dead or dying people about every 15 mins at which point husband would say very loudly

"Talking about the war again, mother?"


"Would that be a dying or dead person then, mother?"

until it became such a joke, she nearly got the point and stopped.

I cooked a ready stuffed turkey breast for the first time and I'm never going back to a carcass again!

Daughter made and decorated the Christmas Cake:

(Victoria Sponge because she said she didn't want fruit cake)

and last night some friends came round with far too much champagne and tried to pursuade me to cook a meal for their daughter's in-laws on Friday for them, but I resisted. I've got my own guests to cook for tomorrow.

Now settling down with a good cup of tea and a big box of Hotel Chocolat chocolates.



Suburbia said...

Why do older people talk about death so much?
Not to self for the future I think!
Glad you had a good Christmas

Polly said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful day. Im so pleased to hear.

Maggie May said...

Glad all went well at Christmas. They cake looked lovely.
Happy New Year.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

mrsnesbitt said...

Champagne? Oh yes please! Happy New Year.
Denise x

ADDY said...

That cake looks awesome. Daughter is definitly following in your footsteps! Happy New Year

lynze said...

Happy New Year- I am so sad that Xmas is over and I will be back in work on Tuesday!