Sunday, 4 December 2011

More Stuff to Keep Me Busy

And this week I got a cold!

Yes, I've been struggling on with a runny nose, sore throat and aching bones.

And I made it to the weekend!

Which is quite surprising given that I am dealing with this at home:

You try having conversation on the phone from work with the builder about how you want your patio, paths and driveway to look when you leave the house in the dark, return in the dark and can't see a thing he's done until the weekend!

I've also managed to get all my reports written and make two dozen cakes for the school Christmas Fair:

(Overcompensating working mum syndrome kicking in?)

Then yesterday we attended said Christmas Fair and bought our cakes back (no, only joking). Daughter and I tried our hand at ice skating at the fair, but it wasn't ice, it was plastic and ice blades are not meant to glide effortlessly sideways, that's how you are supposed to brake! Consequently, not a lot of skating took place, mostly clinging and falling.

Today I charged hubby with taking daughter to swimming and riding and sending her off on the Brownie Winterwonderland trip and stupidly decided to brave the Trafford Centre to do some shopping I couldn't do via t'internet.

"I'll go early" I thought, "I'll be in and out before the crowds"

How wrong I was.

Seems the crowds also decided to go an hour before the shops opened.

Then, at the first till my credit card was denied.

And the second.

"Odd" I thought.

Then I remembered that I had topped up my phone that morning and my credit card provider always stops my card when I top up as a security measure and I have to phone them and confirm my last week's transactions before they release it.


I'll be glad to get back to work tomorrow.


A Modern Mother said...

Those are absolutely gorgeous cakes! Yes, a little working mum guilt in there I can see. But wow, they are worth it.

Good luck on the patio and builders.


ADDY said...

Blimmin heck. I'm exhausted and I'm only reading it! Love the cupcakes - they look so professional.

Polly said...

Sounds hectic, but I am in awe that you can still manage to whip up such beautiful cakes.

Anonymous said...

Security at its best! But it's still really annoying when you want to use your card.

I think people are all thinking the same about hitting the shops - not sure what the best time to go is!

CJ x

Lorraine The Party Times said...

cakes look beautiful as always! And as normal I am shattered just reading your post!!!

Maggie May said...

Your patio is looking lovely and the cakes *out of this world* and you are putting me to shame!
Maggie X

Nuts in May

About Last Weekend said...

Hi there, came through Susanna. Nice to meet you, Jody here Kiwi living in Oakland (used to live in London) Awesome cupcakes, send the leftovers to me. I usually do the bought stuff messed up with a hammer to look homemade ( or I just slink into the classroom with boxed juices. The SHame)

Claire said...

Lovely patio, gorgeous cakes, pain in the bottom card security (I'd change that as it's just another thing that takes up your time by the sounds of it!), hope you feel better soon!

BTW your card arrived yesterday, ta!

Beko Mums United said...

You cakes are superb! Don't think you could rival these with anything shop bought. They must have got you many brownie points with the school!

Undercover Granny said...

Your cake decorating skills are impressive! I hope you're feeling better now.