Sunday, 18 December 2011

All I Want for Christmas

Finally made it to the end of term!

Last week consisted of work every day and rehearsals and concerts every night so I'm exhuasted.

Mind you, on Thursday I did a full day's work, drove daughter home, hopped on the tram to Manchester, sang in a concert in St Ann's, went to the Chorale Christmas meal on Deansgate, hopped back on a tram and was in bed by 10.30PM. Not bad!!

Now all is calm in the Working Mum house as we do the final preparations for the big day. Just two more concerts to do on Monday and Christmas Eve.

Yesterday consisted of tidying and DIYing to Michael Buble's Christmas album followed by the week's "It Takes Two" (I hadn't had chance to watch any) and then the Strictly final.

Looking back on the day of Michael Buble and Harry Judd I said to daughter "You know, there's something about a man who can sing, and a man who can dance............."

(Yes, I admit, I looked wistfully into space as I remembered when I was in sixth form and had boyfriends who could do both)

To which she replied:

"So, basically, daddy is the wrong man for you."

Ah, hadn't thought that through, had I?


Claire said...

Classic! Ah but he makes you laugh!

Lorraine The Party Times said...

brilliant - that will teach you to think aloud!!

Maggie May said...

*Out of the mouth of babes*!

I love the concerts and things. Our choir went to an arranged busking date a couple of weeks ago and that was great & people appreciated our diversity (& carols in parts). We have dismantled till the New Year now & have a large concert in Feb that we are practising for.

We have Carols by Candlelight at church on Sat and possibly Carols in the Park

Of course theres all the cooking & shopping to do!!!!!
Have fun.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Working Mum said...

Claire - you hit the nail on the head, that's precisely what I said to Izzy "but Daddy makes me laugh"

Lorraine - yep, keep it to myself in future

Maggie - yes, the concerts are lovely at this time of year, off to the Bridgewater Hall tomorrow for my next one, can't wait!

Polly said...

Hehe funny daughter. Sounds like you have been super busy as always. Hope you manage some wind down time over Christmas.

ADDY said...

Ooops. :)