Friday, 28 October 2011

A Fortnight of Fun

Since my school changed to a two week October half term three years ago it has become a much more relaxed holiday. I still have a list of jobs to do, cars to MOT, garden to sort out and such, but at least I have another few days to relax. My enlightened headmaster said that this would reduce illness in the second half of term for both staff and pupils and he was right; it has made a huge difference to the second half of term.

So what have I been up to?

Well, I went to see Peter Kay in "The Tour that doesn't Tour Tour" at the MEN Arena and laughed until my face hurt.

I've made lots of pumpkin cake and thai pumpkin soup, but none of it survived long enough to be photographed.

I went out for meal with two girlfriends, which felt like having a pass out for the night because I never go out unless it's work or choir related.

And we spent a few days here:

Husband surprised us by booking a couple of nights at Albrighton Hall, near Shrewsbury. He found a great deal on a family room for dinner, bed and breakfast. Unfortunately we didn't find out until we got there that it must have stated in invisible small print somewhere (it certainly wasn't on our booking confirmation) that the dinner part of the family room deal only applies to the adults of the family. Huh? Don't children eat?

Anyway, we decided not to starve our daughter, so we all enjoyed lovely food in the restaurant, we swam in the pool and we had a couple of days out.

We spent a day in Shrewsbury visiting the Abbey ( where daughter was amazed to see the 1000 year old tomb of William the Conqueror's right hand man, Roger de Montgomery) , the castle and wandering around the amazing Tudor streets with higgledy piggledy buildings.

We also spent a day at Ironbridge where we walked over the first iron bridge in the world:

and then visited Blists Hill Victorian Town (use for the TV series "Victorian Pharmacy"):

Tonight daughter is at a sleepover, husband is out for the evening and I've got my bar of Green and Blacks and an episode of Downton Abbey to watch. Great way to end a great fortnight!


Jen said...

Sounds like a great fortnight - I love ironbridge, there's so much to do. Did you get a passport so you can go back for free? Because their science place is fun too and at jackfield tile you get to decorate a clay tile, quite unusual and very different from the more common ceramic tiles.

Kelloggsville said...

I like blitz hill and the black country working museum. Great days out both of them. Glad you are rested.

Polly said...

I love Shrewsbury and am glad to hear you had a lovely break, and can I add how your lovely daughter has grown. What a lovely long lady she is growing into.

libby said...

What a lovely break.....Blists Hill is great isn't it?

Lorraine The Party Times said...

if only all schools had 2 weeks for October half term - you lucky thing!!

Working Mum said...

Jen- we did get a passport, sore point, I'd taken Tesco vouchers to pay our entry, but was told you couldn't use them for one museum, only for a passport, so we ended up paying an extra £20 for passports!

Kelloggsville and Libby - Blists Hill is okay, but Beamish (in the north east) is WAY better! Try and go if you can.

Polly - thank you!

Lorraine - it did mean taking days off our Easter and Summer hols to do it, but it's worth it.

Anonymous said...

Such lovely photographs. My sister went to see Peter Kay at the MEN as well; we love him in our family, not least because we come from Bolton, too. She's bought me the DVD and book for my birthday and Christmas pressies!!

CJ xx

Lynze said...

Looks like you had a lovely time! I live very near Shewsbury and have eaten in Albrighton Hall on many an occasion...very nice...good choice by Mr Working Mum.
I like Izzys horse daughter has the same one...good old Mini Boden.

Tawny said...

Sounds like a perfect time to me. I curled up binding a quilt in front of North and South on Friday. I love costume dramas.

Carol Miers said...

You would think that a family deal would include children! I have wanted to go to Ironbridge for years, good to hear about it.