Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Brownies, Badges and Bread

Well, I finally got round to phoning Brown Owl and all became clear.

I explained that I have a depsondent little Brownie who wants to be enrolled and did she know when that was likely to be? She said that they take a while to complete their book for enrolment, but she would dig out daughter's book and see where she is up to and test her tomorrow on her promise and law (she'd better relearn them!) At least I can now explain to daughter and she seems happier.

Brown Owl also said that she gave out a list of dates and events at the start of term, but I suspect my dizzy Izzy of a daughter walked right out of the hall without collecting one! She will give me another one tomorrow.

Brown Owl has now explained to me how they do their badges, some on Brownie nights and the others they do independently. She told me the sort of evidence we need to produce and we've already got people to sign for her Rider, Swimmer, Swimmer Advanced and Musician badges as she already fulfils the criteria. Izzy's also made invitations to invite her grandparents to dinner and fireworks on 5 November as the start of her Hostess badge.

She's now a happy Brownie!

And the bread?

Husband bought me this book for my birthday:

I've been trying out some recipes.

Who knew that cherries and chocolate would go so well in bread?


Jen said...

That's great, I am glad you got things sorted and it sounds like she'll be fine now. She'll have an armful/sashful of badges soon!

Kelloggsville said...

I am pleased but I stick with "she should have been enrolled months ago".

Maggie May said...

So pleased you got the Brownie problem sorted. You'll be doing a lot of sewing then soon!

Lovely book. I am surprised to know there are one 100 different types of bread.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

lynze said...

I have that book......just delicious!

Tawny said...

I am glad it has got sorted out and that Izzy is happier about everything. Just one tip, if she is going to do loads of badges, buy the extra wide sash, she will need it!

Working Mum said...

Jen - judging by the number she wanted me to print off the website, I think she'll be doing loads!

Kelloggsville - I agree, but hopefully now that I've flagged it up she will be enrolled very soon.

Maggie - Yes, there are loads of different types of bread and I seem to be eating my way through them all which could be a mistake.

Lynze - I'm finding that Paul Hollywood likes to use a lot of salt in his bread so I'm trying to cut it down, but his bread is so light it's the best I've ever made.

Tawny - she's already got her sash and I think I will be sewing lots of badges onto it very soon!

lynze said...

Yes the salt is an issue, I did use the correct amount as stated by Paul in a couple of the recipes but have since cut down. I couldn't taste the difference but my husband said he could...typical man! Bread is my weakness working mum :-(

ADDY said...

THank goodness you got it sorted, but now you'll have lots of badges to sew on!

As for the bread, it sounds like pain au chocolat with a twist.