Friday, 23 September 2011

Rain Gauge Sends WM Over Egde!!

For the past three weeks I've been drowning in daughter's homework.

9 pieces the first week.

11 pieces the second week.

12 pieces this week.

Surely this is too much for a 7 year old?

I can't bear her sitting at the kitchen table with tears streaming down her face any more.

We can't do the internet based maths one on a Monday because daughter doesn't have access to a computer on Mondays (she does her homework in the car before going to choir, then it's milk and bed when she gets home).

The only way she can fit in all her homework on a Thursday before piano lesson and Brownies is for her to have a picnic tea in the car so she doesn't have to eat at home!

I don't think choir, piano and Brownies is an excessive amount of extra curricular activity during the week, but I'm starting to think something might have to go to accommodate the homework!

And now this weekend's homework has just sent me over the edge.

"Make a rain gauge and record the rainfall every day for a week from this Sunday"

Excuse me?

"All you need is a lemonade bottle and a measuring jug"

Well, we don't drink fizzy drinks in this house and if we did, what are the chances of us having an empty bottle or finishing one within the next 24 hours?

And who has time to measure rainfall every day?!!

I did consider making it up, but they want us to send in a photo of our rain gauge.

Anyone out there got a photo of a rain gauge I can pass off as ours?


Jen said...

That is a massive amount. Son is same year as your daughter I think (Y3) and for the week he has one times table to learn, 10 spellings (quite hard but still, just 10), reading, one piece of homework from a choice (there are six pieces of work on there, you choose the one you want to do that week so if you have a heavy week with other things you can choose a light piece and vice versa) and then one project per half term.

Sorry, no rain gauge picture here.

Jen said...

Oops, I forgot Maths, he has maths each week too.

Working Mum said...

Jen - Yes, my daughter is year 3. So your son has six pieces of homework a week (plus the project), that's interesting. My daughter has Mathletics (on the internet), 3 Mental Arithmetic Exercises, Extension Maths Sheet, Times Tables, Spellings, Handwriting, Geography and five lots of Reading per week! Poor girl.

mater familias said...

Yes, when I saw that homework, I had a similar reaction. However, we have a lemonade bottle left from the choir garden party, so are a step further forward, at least!

Working Mum said...

Mater Familias - can you take a photo of your rain gauge in two different areas of your garden and I'll pretend one is ours?

BNM said...

bloody hell , that is far too much.
Bel (also 7) has only one piece of homework given on Monday to be returned on Thursday and it changes every week.
Can't you ask them to give less, you can't be the only one with child in tears!

ADDY said...

I seem to recall Kay had a lot at that age too and I recall thinking it was far too much homework for a child still at primary school. On the other hand things seemed to be much easier at seconday school compared with when I was at school, so maybe they've turned it all upside down. I suppose small children soak things up like sponges, so maybe that is the rationale behind it.

Kelloggsville said...

My daughter is year 8 and has 1or 2 pieces a week. They have to have time to develop outside of the learning process and environment. Life is about balance and many of the greatest lessons will come from outside of academic life. Hopefully the school are trying to instil an early discipline and the overall amount will reduce as the term progresses. Poor girl. She's only a dot still.

Jen said...

WM - Son is meant to read every day, but only for five minutes. We're taking that as reading a chapter when we can. :-)

Lorraine The Party Times said...

sounds like far too much homework for a 7 year old!! have you spoken to school about??

sally in norfolk said...

Thank god i dont have to do the homework thing any more :-( can you not just say it didn't rain :-)

Claire said...

Hasn't hubby got a rain gauge in a cupboard at work that he can pretend is yours???

Homework is excessive at Primary, I hope it gets less at Senior.

We have trouble fitting just soccer practice and swimming in some weeks.

And youngest son (in Kindergarten, only 2 days a week) has a homework bag sent home every two weeks!!!!


Working Mum said...

BNM & Lorraine - unfortunately this seems to be the norm for an independent (private) school, it seems some parents like to get their money's worth and expect a lot of homework to be set. If it continues to be a problem, I will go and see class teacher.

Claire - yep, I passed the rain gauge thing on to hubby who went back to work on Saturday and collected a real rain gauge for her to use. The things we do......

Suburbia said...

Ridiculous isn't it? I too feel the same but at least my children are older. I especially hate those long drawn out homework's .The teachers MUST know it's parents homework really. My heart sinks on a Friday night...

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm sorry, but that is absolutely ridiculous. Excessive homework is so unnecessary and your amount your daughter is getting is most definitely excessive. Children should be able to relax and play when they get home from school, not worry about homework. I have very strong views on homework I'm afraid, and get pretty irate about it. Fortunately, Amy hardly gets any, probably because at special school they know she (and most of the others) simply can't cope with it.

I really sympathise with you. I'd be having a chat with the school about that.

CJ xx

Working Mum said...

CJ - I agree it is excessive and I'm monitoring it before I go and see her teacher. I don't think it will change, but I'll ask about how to make it more manageable. As a teacher myself I know that excessive homework just switches kids off academic work and causes friction between parents and children. I don't want to be the mummy that makes her cry at the kitchen table, I want to be the mummy who does fun stuff!