Monday, 1 August 2011

Sing us a song, you're the piano man

I'm so excited.

I've bought a piano!

Daughter will be starting piano lessons in September but we don't actually have a piano. Small problem. So I've been looking and researching for over a year now - upright, digital, ebay, loot, music shops, etc, etc. I've been offered a second hand upright and a clavinova, but they were too expensive. I was beginning to despair of ever finding a decent one in our budget when my lovely parents surprised us with a cheque from my dad's retirement money. They didn't even know we were trying to buy a piano - how timely was that?!

After much research and umming and ahing I decided on a digital piano. The big plusses being no need to tune it and the ability to plug in headphones so she can practise without disturbing anyone else!

So today we took a trip to Harker and Howarth's in Bolton, drooled over the Steinways (at £23,000 I decided we didn't have the room for one!) and bought this one:

(click on the picture to find out more)

She'd better stick at the lessons now!


Mrs Catch said...

My sons all play the piano. Would love a grand. I'd find room somewhere. Sigh...

Polly said...

Fantastic purchase. I hope your daughter loves her lessons.

Sarah said...

Oh it looks like mine in black.

Electric pianos are brill because of the headphones and the no tuning. I bought one as a pressie from me to me when I got divorced and banged out scales and arpeggios to relieve my stress levels.

Unfortunately neither of my boys has taken any interest in it at all except to muck about on. Suggestions of lessons have been met with a block NO. *sigh*

The Girl Behind said...

This is a lovely piano. I have one quite similar (although quite old), and it's great - no bother about tuning / moving etc and it really does feel like a 'real' piano.

Wishing your daughter years of joy with her music. It's a hard slog, but a wonderful thing to be able to play an instrument!

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

Well, what a coincidence, sort of. I'm just deciding that if Son doesn't actually want my Grandma's old piano, I'm going to get rid of it! It's Victorian, a square grand with a reduced keyboard - a very beautiful piece of furniture but just too big to keep if no-one's going to play it :-( It's a shame, but I really want to reclaim my study and there's nowhere else to put it. M xx
PS yours looks just perfect, and a good idea to have a digital one. I do hope your daughter is inspired. Wish I'd kept it up!

Alcoholic Daze (ADDY) said...

Lovely. Kay started playing at about Izzy's age and still orders the scores for her favourite pop songs. It is lovely to hear her playing. I takover when she is away from home and find playing very relaxing!