Wednesday, 1 June 2011

To DS or not to DS?

Unbeknown to me, husband told daughter that he would buy her a Nintendo DS when she got her 400m badge at swimming. Well, last Sunday she did just that and returned from swimming lessons shouting, "I get a DS, I get a DS!".

I was not happy.

I am not happy about my daughter plugging in and checking out.

We have a laptop and a Wii, both of which she can use under supervision and usually together with me or husband. Things like Wii Sports or the Horrible Histories Game on CBBC (love Horrible Histories!). Sociable technology.

As far as I'm concerned DS = antisocial.

Husband did admit that he thought it would take her longer to get her 400m badge, but a promise is a promise.

So we've compromised.

A DS she shall get, but it will live in the games cupboard in the lounge (that's proper games like Uno, Pictionary, Scrabble and my latest acquisition Acuity) and we will ration its use.

So that's another thing to create arguments, whinging and sulking.

Thanks, hubby.


Expat mum said...

Rather than having fights about it, how about telling her when she can use it? From the minute my teen got a Play Station, years ago, the rule has been that it's only for weekend use. He doesn't really argue with that even at almost 16. It's just always been that way.
Similarly, the almost 8 year old (who has use of the family Wii) knows that it's a weekend toy. I'm not saying they always like the limits but they stopped arguing a long time ago.

Mrs Average said...

I'm with you on the DS issue and you have my sympathy! My step son has one, it has made him really anti-social and is the route of many rows. I'm dreading the little Averages being old enough to have one.

But on the other hand, it encouraged her to get her swimming badge more quickly. Well done daughter.

Working Mum said...

Expat Mum - exactly what I was thinking, if I give her a fixed day and length of time it should avoid the mithering and arguing.

Mrs Average - I've always used a new book as an incentive for her and it's worked so far, why he said a DS I'll never know! I'm interested to know what age you think is old enough; daughter is 7 which I still think is too young, but her same age cousin has had a DS for over a year and there are children in her class who have had a DS from the age of four! I find that unbelievable!

Kelloggsville said...

restrict her games to 'brain training' and 'suduko' and you'll find the interest will soon wear off :)

Working Mum said...

Kelloggsville - that would be great, my idea was only to have Professor Layton games (on the advice of a friend) but again the fly in the ointment is hubby - he's already bought her Zhu Zhu Pets for the DS! How can I get him under control?

BNM said...

We have a DS and the rule is not on a school night. This means that I get to play it!!


Working Mum said...

BNM - yes, definitely not on a school night, there's barely enough time for homework, an episdode of Horrible Histories and a bedtime story as it is!

Mrs Average said...

My step son was 8. In my book, still too young but Mr A and I didnt have a say. I am rather hoping the little Averages will wait at least until they pass 10 (and then restrictions on games/times will exist). I'm prbably being idealist.

We quite like our children to get fresh air..... and I'd like to hang out the length of time it is before we give in to games consoles and TV (yep, my children still dont watch TV for more than two hours a week - they seem happy with the rule. Some of my friends think I'm evil!

Each to our own for what we think is right for our children and our family lifestyles etc. Go with what you (and hubby) think is right.

Right, my high horse has stepped off the soap boxes it was stood on. Its such a sore subject with my step son that I twitch everytime someone mentions a DS or I see one!

Claire said...

Eldest son (9) hasn't got a DS - he has a PS3 which is actually hubby's so he has to ask to use it and a Wii that we got him and youngest son (3) as their joint present last Christmas.

However, he is asking for an iPod Touch for Christmas so it looks like he's skipped over the DS and gone straight for the Apples!!!

Working Mum said...

Mrs Average - thanks for getting back to me with your views on appropriate ages; sometimes I wonder if I'm the one out of step when husband disagrees with me, but you've reassured me. The DS is now esconced in the games cupboard in the lounge and she is allowed two hours max, weekend only. She seems happy with that. I'm also taking comfort in the fact that it is something I can take away if she doesn't conform in other ways!

Working Mum said...

Claire - I wonder if that's a peer thing, do his friends have i-touches rather than DSs? Isabel's school friends all seem to have DSs and some have done for a long time! One has an i-touch and when daughter mentioned she would like one, I said I was 40 before I got one!!

Claire said...

No, most of his friends seem to have DS's but he just wasn't interested and we didn't encourage it in any way, maybe the Lego Star wars and Lego Indiana Jones on the PS3 was enough? Who knows.

He's cottoned on now though although the timing may be to do with the fact that his Dad got an iPad at Christmas and eldest son particularly likes the Fruit Ninja, Smurfs and Angry Birds apps!!!