Thursday, 2 June 2011

Shops are So Last Century

So, following on from the last post, we set about looking for a DS for daughter.

Being a savvy internet shopper, I searched and researched, price compared and decided on a pink DSi from Tesco Direct. All without leaving my sofa.

Husband, being an old fashioned kind of shopper, wanted to actually go and visit a shop with unhelpful staff, no stock and no interest in actually getting us what we want. So I indulged him and we set off for that temple to commercialism, the Trafford Centre.

After an hour of

"We don't have any in stock but we could order you one" (John Lewis)

"We only have a preowned one with no instructions" (Game)

"No, we don't have any pink left" (HMV)

"We don't sell pink ones" (Currys)

etc, etc, he admitted defeat and we returned home with a very disappointed seven year old.

So it was mummy to the rescue; I fired up the laptop, found Tesco Direct's pink DS, used their voucher for £10 off, used my Tesco Clubcard vouchers to pay for it and gained 240 extra points at the same time! (So basically they've paid me £2.40 to take a DS from them)


Her DS arrives tomorrow!

Husband has now learned the power of the internet vs the inadequacy of shops. Even my mecca, Hotel Chocolat, didn't have the whisky truffles I wanted for my dad - they told me to order them on-line!

Well, since they've sent me a 10% off voucher for entering their Easter Competition............

Hmmmm, must try their new Summer Desserts, Peach Melba Knickerbocker Glory, Cherry Pop Slab and Making Sandcastles Raspberry Puddles.

Oooooo, the Summer Collection comes with a bottle of Sparkling Rose and a bottle of Prosecco!

Ooops, think I've discovered a drawback with internet shopping - far too easy to add stuff to your basket!


Polly said...

My latest favourite is ordering my fruit and Veg online - its all sourced locally and so so easy.

Its my thursday night entertainment!

Kelloggsville said...

do they still have shops, those things with the great unwashed in great checkout queues? well I never: far out!

Claire said...

Me too - always look online first although this is probably more to do with not wanting to drag a small bouncy child around the shops with me.