Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Butlins for the Middle Classes

This year, as Chancellor of the Working Mum House Exchequer, I announced that we couldn't afford a holiday abroad as well as replacing my car. So we decided we'd give Centre Parcs a go. A few of my colleagues have been, enjoyed it and said it would be great for daughter.

"Butlins for the Middle Classes" one of my colleagues said.

Well, I enjoyed family holidays at Butlins when I was young and I've nearly reached the middle classes (I know what pesto and focaccia is and I love Boden, does that count?)

So we booked our lodge.

A nice one because this is our main holiday.

Then I saw the price of bike hire, so I bought myself a bike.

And a cycle carrier for the car.

Then I booked a few activities: archery, a riding lesson for daughter, a banquet night.

Then husband found the "Book Activities" button and booked Laser Quest, Quad Biking and Aerial Ropes Course.

As retaliation I booked a massage at the Spa.

And I'm not cooking on my summer holiday, so I booked some restaurants.

Just got the credit card bill.


(Should've gone abroad)


diney said...

I;ve heard that it's great fun but costs a bomb if you sign up for stuff, which you have!! At least it won't be scorchingly hot, and you have no worries with volcanic ash delaying your plane!

cheshire wife said...

It will be different. They say a change is as good as a rest. I hope that you all enjoy it.

Kelloggsville said...

yup..Centre Parcs does not come cheap. It is Butlins for the Middle Classes but it's a jolly lovely class :) I liked the lack of yawping at the children and how clean it was. Lots of politeness. I thought it was a little too busy but thoroughly recommend it :)

Claire said...

As soon as I read "Centre Parcs" I knew where this was going!!!!

Yup you could have got a cheapy last minute holiday for less but with the ash cloud, would you have got there????

That should console you for a while whilst you're there :[) !!

libby said...

Well just enjoy it anyway...I've never been but have heard some good things about it.

Anonymous said...

We've often looked at Centre Parks, then not booked because it is actually very expensive. However, people who have been say it's great, loads to do etc. Husband took the girls a couple of years ago for a long weekend and they all loved it. Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

oh you will have a ,ovely time, we go twice a year!Sherwood and Whinfell...got pre xmas break booked this year and just got back from 4 days at Sherwood with all the family. Yes it's expensive and full of kids wearing mini boden but the price keeps the riff raff out...:-)

Working Mum said...

Diney - Sorchingly hot? I'm packing my waterproofs!

Cheshire Wife - well, it will be a change from Disney World last year, that's for sure!

Kelloggsville - What's yawping? If it's shouting at children who then take no notice and carry on annoying other holidaymakers, then yes, I will like a lack of that!

Claire - I'm just hoping it's worth it for all of us to have an enjoyable week. Have had to promise husband that we will go abroad next year though, he needs his fix of sunbathing!

Libby - yes, it's all the good reviews I've heard from friends and colleagues that have made me give it a go.

Jan - like you I've looked but not booked because of the price, but I'm plunging in this year and I'll let you know if I think it is worth it.

Anonymous - that's the thing that made me plump, no badly behaved children ignoring their parents shouting at them from the bar!

Sue said...

Ooops, it soon adds up doesn't it.. Let's just hope you have good weather..By the way, pleased to meet you! SUE x

Maggie said...

Enjoy, we're going back in a couple of weeks for the second time. The spa is fab and a good break, use the pool a lot, and just walking and cycling to see the ducks and squirrels is nice (and free)

Kelloggsville said...

Bar?! God no, there's a wine fridge to stock and work your way through :) and yawping is absolutely that. Not a fish wife in sight!

Polly said...

Well I hope its a wonderful holiday anyway.

Anonymous said...

I'm taking Amy to Whinfell in Cumbria in August. We stay in an apartment because there's only the two of us and it's a lot cheaper, but it's a fabulous place. Really looking forward to going.

CJ xx

Suburbia said...

Should've gone to Butlins!!

Lorraine The Party Times said...

Never been but must one of these days! Friends love it but all say once activities etc booked costs a lot more than you expect! Enjoy.