Thursday, 7 April 2011

Why gambling never pays

This Saturday is the Grand National.

For as long as I can remember I've watched the National with great anticipation and excitement.

When I was little I would choose a horse from the list in the paper (usually something to do with what I'd dreamed about the night before) and Dad would go and put bets on for us.

It always seemed strange to me that my parents would encourage me to gamble, but now I'm doing the same with my daughter. It's the one horse race of the year in which whole families cheer on their favourite.

The whole of Britain seems to stop at 3pm and an eerie silence falls around apart from TVs and radios broadcasting the commentary.

I think the excitement comes from the fact that any horse could win.

This year one of the secretaries at school organised a sweepstake so I thought I'd give it a go, paid my £2 and waited to hear which horse I'd got.

Yesterday they made the draw.

I was first out of the hat and allocated "Madison du Berlais".

The problem?

"Madison du Berlais" isn't running in the National!

Am I the quickest ever loser of a sweepstake?


Helen Conway said...

Possibly. But one year my horse died the night before the race. Which I think in terms of drama beats you!

BNM said...

It could've been worse - horse could have fallen on the first hedge!
Thank you for this post- gave me inspiration for mine (I've linked you to it!)


Maggie May said...

As long as people only put a small bet on a horse, then I can't see anything wrong with it. Only when people get into debt or can't stop when they need to, is it a problem........ but then its an illness.
Fancy throwing your money away! LOL!
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Lorraine The Party Times said...

It's our one gamble of the year too - can't resist!!

diney said...

I just said to hubby this am we must remember to place a bet, then I had a second thought that it may be a bad example to our 11 year old and that she may, if we win, decide that this is the way to go. Then my hubby said 'don't be so bloody stupid', and I moved on. Still, I did give it a little thought! Hoping for a winner....