Friday, 15 April 2011


You have to pronounce it like that, apparently.

Yes, husband is off to Wem-ber-lee tomorrow to watch City get beaten by United.

He queued at the City of Manchester Stadium from 5.30am three times to get tickets for himself, his sister, niece and nephew and his brother-in-law.

(You can only buy tickets on certain days according to how many points you have and no, they don't bend the rules to let families sit together, so they are sitting separately)

He even got himself, me and daughter mentioned on Chris Evans' Breakfast Show one morning whilst queueing!

By the time he'd got all the tickets all the seats on the coaches had gone, so after all that hassle he then had to organise transport to Wem-ber-lee.

In the end he has decided to drive.

330 miles there and back.

Now, is it me, or is there something odd about the fact that this weekend Manchester City, Manchester United, Liverpool, Bolton and Stoke fans are all travelling 330 miles to London and back to watch their teams play?

Not to mention the congestion that will be caused by half the North West travelling down the M6, the pollution it causes and the cost to the fans.

Whose idea was this?

(I suspect it's the government's who are making 80p tax per litre on the petrol)


Kelloggsville said...

start of the school holidays down here too, so you can add that to the traffic mayhem! Madness, I'll never understand men and the football thing!

Jen said...

I hope he gets there, it's traffic chaos already apparently

Lorraine The Party Times said...

Bet he was chuffed with the result and was ecstatic that he had travelled all that way!!

Tawny said...

You have no idea how ecstatic Al was that city won, he is a Leeds fan and hates Man U with a passion.

Hope hubby was no t too tired when he got home.