Wednesday, 23 March 2011

I ....... need ........ chocolate!

I've been doing so well.

So well in fact that I was beginning to feel a little smug.

"This giving up chocolate for lent thing isn't too difficult", I thought.

Well, not if you replace the chocolate with marshmallows, Starburst and fudge, it isn't!

Oh, is that not the point?

Anyway, I was doing well until this week.

You see I have fifty subject reports and twenty form reports to write by Friday and a Parents' Evening tomorrow. I still have forty lessons a fortnight to prepare and teach, 260 pieces of homework a week to mark and 130 children to assess, record and discipline.

Oh, and tomorrow I've got one of those "personal development" interviews where I realise my career is going nowhere.

I'm so tired I could sleep stood up.

Easter is still weeks off.

There is no end in sight.

I need chocolate.

Only Green & Black's Maya Gold will do.

I .... must..... resist....... temptation


Kelloggsville said...

yup - I'm currently stuffing yogurt covered raisins in a bid to fool my body into thinking it's getting chocolate!

mater familias said...

Remember - if you give in, you will be as pathetic and weak-willed as me. (Hope that has stimulated your competitive spirit!)

libby said...

It is ok to weaken now and again..just have one small square and then get back on the wagon!

Alcoholic Daze (ADDY) said...

You see, for ME that is no problem. For Lent, I've given up giving up things for Lent. Yum, this chocolate is heavenly.

Polly said...

Good luck, you are a stronger woman than I!

Maggie May said...

Well...... I am so weak willed when it comes to chocolate that I wouldn't dream of giving it up for Lent, because I know I couldn't do that.
I also love the dark chocolate best.
Have you tried MINGLES?
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Sarah said...

And you're resisting temptation why exactly?

I'm sure when Lent was invented they never had workloads like yours! Give yourself a break, life is tough and a bit of choccie is no sin!

Self-denial under strain is a bad idea I reckon. Too many fronts to battle.

Helen Conway said...

Sir into into a Chilli, South American style. It officially becomes savory then and so doesn't have to be given up for lent!

Anonymous said...

Nooo, a little bit of chocky won't hurt, you know you want to....

CJ xx

Working Mum said...

kelloggsville - yep, I've got yoghurt covered raspberry flakes here as I write this, but my body isn't fooled.

Addy - you made me LOL! That is such a tease!

Libby, Sarah and CJ - get thee behine me, Satans!!

mater familias - having just witnessed you eating the chocolate chip muffins I can agree you are weak-willed!

Maggie - I feel that way about wine, that's why I gave up chocolate!

Helen - I don't know how you think these things up! You are a cleverer man than I am, Gunga Din.

Catharine Withenay said...

Would diabetic chocolate work? After all, it doesn't taste like the real thing...