Sunday, 20 March 2011

Hide and Seek Hamster

After a very trying day yesterday when daughter whinged and moaned about everything and also throughout our entire bike ride in the afternoon, I was looking forward to going to my friend's 40th birthday bash at a smart teppanyaki restaurant in Manchester.

MIL was booked to babysit and husband had been and collected her.

I had managed to get ready whilst corralling daughter into tidying her room and putting her pjs on and I was just putting the final touches to my face while she and MIL were in lounge.

Then I heard the scream.

Intense sobbing ensued and we rushed into the lounge to see what had happened.

It appears that daughter had taken her hamster out of its cage to show MIL, she had put it down on the sofa where MIL had taken a large cushion away (she needs to sit on a tower of cushions in order to be able to get up again) and the hamster had promptly burrowed down into the bottom of the sofa.

We found a shocked MIL, a sobbing child and a hamster rattling around in the sofa!!

Well, we couldn't leave the house with all that going on; dead or alive that hamster had to come out of the sofa (couldn't have a decaying hamster inside it) and with daughter's hysterics, it had better be alive. So husband began trying to entice the hamster out with food.

I texted my friend to say that we were going to be late.

Afte 30 minutes of trying to get his hands down the back of the sofa and entice him out, drastic measures were needed - husband got the stanley knife.

After hacking holes in the bottom of my beautiful sofa he eventually managed to extract the hamster.

Daughter was resoundedly told off and we set off for Manchester.

We arrived 30 minutes late to find everyone waiting for us, including the performance chefs!

And our excuse was an errant hamster.

How embarrassing!


Maggie May said...

Well as that had a happy ending..... I think I'm allowed to have a little chuckle.
At first I thought MIL had sat down on it. Phew!
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Working Mum said...

Maggie May - now THAT made me chuckle!!

Alcoholic Daze (ADDY) said...

I must admit, the thought that MIL had sat on it struck my mind!

The Dotterel said...

So did I Maggie (and ADDY)... in fact, I read as far as the word 'cushion' and had to stop. I felt I knew where the story was going. Thank goodness it didn't!

Anonymous said...

yeah OMG I thought the MIL had sat on it and squished the thing when I read the first bit!! Reminded me of the time as kids that my friends hamster came to stay at my house during her annual family holiday abroad, dam thing escaped and got behind our fire place. Thing lived for two years...coming out at night for food. I gained a black sooty hamster that I rarely saw and lost my best school friend! Lynze x

gigi said...

Oh what a day! thank goodness you found the creature.

Claire said...

My aunt looked after one of my hamsters whilst we were on holiday and had it out of the cage in her hand whilst watching TV.

After a while she realised she was no longer stroking the hamster but her own hand!

Searching everywhere they had all but given up and were starting to decide whether to buy a new one before I got home or whether I'd want to pick my own when they spotted a lump on the wall and realised that my hamster was about 6 foot up the wall just clinging on for dear life.

Where it thought it was going I'll ever know but it gave them a scare!

At least they didn't have to hack into the sofa!

libby said...

What did he try to tempt him out with? now why was that the first thing I thought of??...... glad order was restored.

Sarah said...

Never work with children or animals...

Glad you didn't make the others wait too long...! ("sorry I'm late, miss, my hamster escaped...")

Polly said...

Supermoon has alot to answer for i think.

Anonymous said...

Not funny at the time I know, but I had to laugh!! Your poor sofa!

CJ xx

Suburbia said...

Glad you got him back, thought you were going to say you used the hoover to extract him for a minute! Ewww!

Mrs Average said...

What a scream. I too thought you were going to say MIL had sat on it, but wasnt disappointed by the end!!

claire said...

Actually you could have used a hoover with a pair of tights over the end so he didn't get sucked down the tube! Although what that would do for his nerves....

Helen Conway said...

I swear your blog is the best 'psychological'contraception I know!!