Saturday, 12 March 2011

A Day Off

It doesn't happen often, but today I had a day off. Not a day off from work, no, it's Saturday, I'm off work anyway. No, a day off from being a wife and mother.

How so?

Well, yesterday hubby declared that he would take daughter to work with him this morning and then on to a fabulous swimming pool near where he works. He's just found out about it and wanted to try it. It has a wave pool, fountains and slides. Just her sort of thing.

So I had a day to myself!

What to do?

I considered going out somewhere, but I didn't fancy traffic or crowds or spending money I haven't got. I thought about going out on my new bike, but the forecast was rain. Then it hit me. I could stay in and enjoy having the house to myself.

So what did I do?

Well, I spent the morning spring cleaning the kitchen which may not sound like fun, but I spend a lot of time in there and I like it to be clean and sparkly. I cleaned every surface, window, cupboard door, etc until the whole place gleamed. Hugely satisfying.

Then, I enjoyed a quiet lunch of feta and pomegranate salad with red wine vinegar and wholegrain mustard dressing. Who says eating alone has to be dull?

Next I had a cup of tea and a homemade cranberry and cream cheese muffin whilst watching an episode of "Downton Abbey". Such a luxury to eat in the lounge - I can't do that when daughter's around, have to set an example!

Then I cut up some old Good Food magazines and stuck recipes in my book making a mental note of things I want to try.

I did some on-line shopping for daughter's summer wardrobe, spending money I haven't got, I know, but she needs clothes and I did have a code for a discount at Mini Boden!

Finally, I did a bit of pottering. You know, mooching round the house moving stuff, sorting stuff, etc. Reading daughter's "News Book" from last year which her teacher has just sent home following inspection. I'm not sure I liked daughter's description of me as "has thousands of handbags"!

Then the rest of the WM family arrived home, daughter made the evening meal for all of us and hubby will do the dishes.

I'm now sitting with a cup of tea and my laptop while daugher gets her pjs on, then it's an episode of Doctor Who with her before bedtime and a DVD and a bottle of wine with hubby after.

I enjoyed my day off, but it's nice to have them back.


Kelloggsville said...

sounds like a lovely day, you packed a lot in! Funny how we break the rules when no one else is around isn't it! I like to munch in bed when hubby stays away!!

Maggie May said...

Sounded good to me!
Had a lazy kind of day myself and we rounded it off with a take away and watched the red nose song contest!
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Polly said...

I just love those days/hours/minutes that you get for you. It sounds like you had the perfect day.

Anonymous said...

I know just what you mean. It's so nice to know you don't have to fetch and carry and can just see to yourself. But we always seem to end up cleaning!!

CJ xx

mater familias said...

I'd love to know about the pool with waves etc - sounds like the kind of place my two would enjoy too.

Lorraine The Party Times said...

I so look forward to days like that but I find the main thing is I appreciate the family more when they return! Never that constructive at home without them either!

scrappysue said...


Mrs Average said...

You lucky thing. Sounds like the perfect day.

libby said...

Those free time days can be so great..we get loads done and then appreciate the family when they get back....

Alcoholic Daze (ADDY) said...

As long as you did what you wanted to!

Anonymous said...

ahh the mini boden catalogue....Ive spent too much on my DD.