Sunday, 27 February 2011

I want a person, not a system!!

Still suffering the temporary loss of my laptop.

Have snuck upstairs to use husband's laptop while he's at City so that I can tell you the story:

So my laptop broke.

Well, to be precise, daughter broke a mouse button whilst caring for her Bratz fish (don't ask).

I rang up to see if the repair was covered by my laptop insurance thingy and luckily, yes.

However, they said I had to back up all my data in case they had to restore factory settings.

What? To fix a mouse button?

Well, the data is no problem, but I didn't want to have to install all my software again, set up my e-mail client, i-tunes, etc, etc.

So I asked what I thought was a reasonable question:

"Can you note that if you have to restore factory settings to fix the mouse button, please don't do it, I'll use an external mouse?"


Apparently, their systems do not allow for this.

"Well," I thought, "I'll ask when I take it in", and I proceeded to book it in.

Now, I thought that a booking-in system means that your laptop gets fixed when you 've booked it in.

No, they need to keep it for 10 days!!

What's the point of booking in?

So I took the laptop in and asked the girl on the desk if I could leave a message that I do not want it to be fixed if it entailed restoring factory settings.

She looked puzzled.

They don't do messages.

"Well, how about we leave a message actually in the laptop?", I suggested.

"Okay, but I can't guarantee they'll read it"

Give me strength!

Then she handed me a notice to sign to say that I agree to their restoring factory settings, if necessary.

Oh, I can write a note on here", I said, and proceeded to write my proviso.

"Oh, no one reads that", she said.

"Unless someone makes a complaint", I thought.

So, I left my laptop with much trepidation and a wearying sense of doom.........

Yesterday I received an automated phone message to say that my repair has been completed and I can collect my device tomorrow.

Watch this space.......


lynze said...

oh I hope you get it back all singnging and dancing, It has been a long time since you posted and I'm addicted to your blog!

KLo said...

Oh, man ...

The world has gotten to some crazy places, methinks.

Suburbia said...

Good Luck!

scrappysue said...

yep - and yet they STILL persist in having a 'help' desk!!!!! hope it gets sorted

Kelloggsville said...

It's tempting just to fix it yourself, problem being once you start fiddling you invalidate your warranty. Hope it comes back software intact. I reset a Netbook ra while back to Factory Settings by mistake (!there is a long story in there) I still haven't got roud to reloading the software I had put on it.