Thursday, 3 February 2011

Pass the chocolate.............

It seems to have been the week from hell workwise.

A very long and difficult Parents' Evening on Monday night followed by the arrival of the Inspectors on Tuesday was not a good start.

For those who asked, it isn't an "OFSTED" inspection because I don't work in a state school. Independent (private) schools have their own type of Inspection which consists of a two pronged attack; they came this week to check compliance and regulatory stuff and did some preliminary work on lesson observation, pupil interviews, pupil and parent questionnaires, etc and then they come back after half term for a much more detailed inspection including lots of lesson observation! So I find myself having to write quite detailed lesson plans for every lesson just in case they pop in, which is very time consuming. It's all in my head, I just don't usually write it all down in minute detail for someone else!
Consequently, I don't seem to have caught up with myself at all this week and, despite taking a packed lunch into school every day, I am still drowning in a sea of admin and marking.

Then, remember last week my mixer blew up? Well, this week my hairdryer blew up! Imagine, a stressful week at work and trying to dry your hair every morning with a travel hairdryer!

It's no wonder I've cracked open the box of Cadbury Heroes left over from Christmas!


Kelloggsville said...

sometimes nothing but chocolate will do it and this is one of those times. good luck for the rest of it x

Maggie May said...

The After School Club I work at is going to be OFSTEded soon.
Nothing is normal when that happens & everyone is tense!
Its enough to turn any slimmer into a chocoholic again!
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Expat mum said...

Time for a chic pony tail I think!

Suburbia said...

How awful to have all that hanging over you for half term.

Hope you find just a little bit of tome for yourself?

Alcoholic Daze (ADDY) said...

You deserve it. Save one for me!

Mrs Average said...

I have just one word..... wine. Although not recommended in any large quantity, just enough to wash the chocolate down with.

Lorraine The Party Times said...

I have a big tub of Celebrations that are just begging me to open them...but as soon as I do...they will be gone and mostly eaten by just trying to hold out as loooooooooong as possible!

Anonymous said...

You still have chocolates left from Christmas?! Those inspections are a bind, but I guess always necessary.

CJ xx